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If you're not human, it's not branding. Hello, I'm Guillem Recolons, personal branding strategist. Specializing in Personal Brand and Employee Advocacy programs for organizations. I welcome you to my website.
Guillem Recolons if you do not contribute you do not matter

Who I am and what I can do for your company

In five minutes of video I tell you in what four ways I can help your organization better connect with its stakeholders

Executive Branding

Managers are the makers of change and the first spokesmen, but they need to boost their own brand to connect

Employee Advocacy

Communication: Did you know that your people are your brand? Internal ambassadors are the bridge of trust and engagement

Guillem Recolons Programs


The company and the brand needs to boost its purpose and values through a human narrative, Simple, shareable and transformable

Employer Branding

Loyalty talent and create a powerful EVP is basic to attract talent and have a strong brand inside and strong outside

If you don't contribute it doesn't matter, Book

If you don't contribute, you don't matter

Now more than ever, boost your personal brand with a unique value proposition

Keys to identifying and projecting your differential and Your Value

Why do they often choose a person with fewer competencies than you for a promotion, a promotion, an exciting project? What's better, be good or look like it? Why do you need to differentiate yourself?What is that about the personal brand and why everyone is talking -- wrong or well- of it? Do you know the reasons why you've been chosen for something interesting? And the reasons why you haven't?

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Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in consulting in company, company training ,personal consulting or any other service related to personal branding or storytelling
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