Are 3 Times more willing to read an article if recommended by an acquaintance than if a brand does.

How you read it, are 3 times more willing to read an article if recommended by an acquaintance that if a brand does it. Perhaps this makes it easier to explain the convenience of an internal brand ambassador boost program., Also known as Employee Advocacy.

This program, if carried out judiciously, can increase a brand's awareness and credibility, In addition to building trust with your target audiences. But there's something better: Content created or shared by employees can also humanize, is the most authentic representation of the brand, promoting your brand values and beliefs. I'll tell you.

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¿Seriously? 3 times more if recommended by an acquaintance or friend?

When I affirm that we are 3 Sometimes more willing to read an article if it is recommended by an acquaintance than if a brand does, it is because the company Helplama could confirm this in an investigation.

In fact, This research, made to employees of the brand, Other data that are worth commenting on appear.

Yes, Social networks are consulted during work

Social media seems hard to avoid, 8 of each 10 People check their social media accounts while at work.

In the Helplama survey, while the 18 % of people reported using social media for less than 15 minutes a day at work, A good majority, The 45 % of people, said they surf social media more than 30 minutes a day.

Another significant proportion: A 24%, said they use social media for more than 1 hour per day, and the 11% of people even said they do it for more than 2 hours a day at work.

To know when they use social networks the most, We asked them: "When you're in the workplace, What time do you use social media the most??". And the answers were curious..

The vast majority - the 41% of workers- Browse social media intermittently throughout the day. Another large proportion - the 32%- Use social media during your lunch break at work.

Surprisingly, a small but significant proportion – The 8% of people also reported surfing social media during bathroom breaks.

It seems that employees spend a good part of their work time on social networks.

Then, Should a company monitor the use of social media in its facilities?? May not work. People are used to social media and will use it, whether you like it or not.

Then, What should a company do? Take it as an opportunity to get more leads.

An opportunity to train employees as brand ambassadors

Marketing departments often spend millions on social media to promote posts, Conduct campaigns, Influencer programs or ads. But most of the time they forget to use the marketing channel within the organization.: Employees.

Instead of fighting over social media use, A company should guide its employees to boost their brand on social media, encourage them to enhance their personal brand by sharing, among other topics, Company News, Product updates and other related thoughtful content.

The data: Only one 45% of people do not receive any guidance from the marketing department of the company in which they work. I'm sure of that., in countries like Spain, is closer to 90%.


Internal brand ambassador boosting programs can be a great strategy to take advantage of the synergy that many consumers are more influenced by their friends' social posts than the brand., 

Training those employees to boost their own personal brand can also boost brand marketing efforts and even produce better results or more leads.

A smart alternative to controlling the use of social networks is to promote behavior that benefits the organization.. It is appropriate to provide employees with a mix of company content and other thoughtful content that can help them project both their personal brand and that of the company.. In this way, The company won't just make sure employees are satisfied, also that the brand has a greater reach and more references.

If we are 3 times more willing to read an article if recommended by an acquaintance that if a brand does it, This is the time to start.

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