4. What does status quo mean to you?

We link to the phrase "Progress comes from a dissatisfaction with status quo". In other words, progress arises after dissatisfaction with the status quo. The phrase is from the brothers Saatchi, Iraqi immigrants who revolutionized advertising and art in the 80 in the UK with its Saatchi agency & Saatchi Advertising.

But what does status quo mean to you?. What is established? The rule to follow? The straight line?, The line to break?, The point of rebellion?…

Status Quo, maybe an enemy of our personal brand

If you think about it, the status quo is born of the need for control. But that can be flawed towards a uniform society, Homogeneous, that does not reward talent and difference but rather the servitude to regulation without further.

The great leadership has been through people who, in the course, decided to break with the status quo and create something new.

Remember, the difference without relevance can be something banal and transient

Exaltation by difference turns into empty, meaningless lake without value, without relevance.



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3 thoughts on "4. What does status quo mean to you?”

  1. The concept comes from the diplomatic term status quo ante bellum, which means “as it was before the war” in the sense of regaining the state of power and leadership that was before a war.

    In the field of politics and diplomacy, the term status quo is often used with the aim of maintaining ambiguity about the situation to which it refers, in a way that avoids explaining the factors of confrontation that exist, although the interlocutors know what it's about. At other times we simply seek to simplify the conversation, as a summary of the various elements involved.

  2. I think one of the most frequent meanings of the word refers to “the established”, which is not far from “status quo ante bellum” (established before the war).
    Thank you for expanding the concept!


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