8 Tips for processing the management of your personal brand

Today I have the honour to present a new contribution to the campaign #ColaborandoConGuillem, and it is nothing less than that of my colleague Mireya Trias. I am fascinated by the way it is presented on its website: 

To the 8 years said that I was not useful to study. The school confirmed it to me as if it were an irrefutable truth.. If anything I took away from that experience it is that we should NOT allow anyone to tell us whether or not we serve for something.. To this day I have 3 careers and a master's degree.

Mireya Trias

In a profession such as Personal Branding Consulting, carry 8 years is to be a veteran, and Mireya has been adding to the personal brand for years. Ah, and has participated in the Personal Branding Lab Day since 2017 With Articles and videos in 2019, 2020, 2021.

Today Mireya brings us a "must" of personal branding from her own work methodology, With 8 Tips for processing the management of our personal brand

If you've missed previous collaborations from #Collaborating Guillem, here we have the Vladimir Estrada, Ylse Roa, Paul Adam, Nancy Vazquez, Fran Segarra, Paulo Moreti And Colia Hil And Eva Collado that add to that of Mireya.

Here is a video-summary:

If you prefer to listen to it, here's the episode 75 from the podcast Todo Deja Marca, IniVooxSpotify AndApple Podcast.

And now I leave you with the content of Mireya:

The process of managing your personal brand

We continue to support the teacher's proposal, researcher and mentor Vladimir Estrada, who proposed the campaign #Collaborating WithGuillem to lend a hand to Guillem Recolons, personal branding strategist specialized in Personal Brand and employee advocacy programs for organizations, while he was hospitalized, and then in recovery, as is already the case (Congratulations, Guillem).  

So I'm delighted to add my bit to this campaign., With eight tips for processing Personal Brand Management

Are you one of those who wants to start a new digital project and do not know how to organize yourself?

Stay with me for a while, I'm going to tell you how you can organize yourself, so that you do not miss anything, when starting a process of managing your personal brand.

First, we will start with an approach, then with a generation of ideas, and once we have extracted the first vision that has driven us to get going with our personal branding, we will follow the following steps:

1 Introspection: 

At this point we will elaborate the internal part of the SWOT, I mean, we will try to find the strengths and weaknesses of your person.

And you may wonder: What good is it for me to know my weaknesses and my strengths?? Believe me, it's a necessary stage that you must go through.

When we start with an idea, and more if our personal brand is involved, we have to be aware of how far we can go.

How many hours can I devote to the project, since it is not the same if I have one hour a day or eight hours.

Also whether or not I have a budget, reason that will directly affect the result of the project.

You will agree with me that it is easier to give notoriety to a project if we have a large amount of budget; although this does not mean that if we have the right thing, let's not be able to give it notoriety.

This is when we need to be aware of how much we have, to get the best performance.

Introspection can lead us to the lived experiences that have led you to think as you think and to find the solution you propose.. They are the basis of your personal brand project.

Knowledge and experiences can be of great value and show your trajectory, they give an idea of the values you have as a person.

I could continue with endless possibilities about the weak and strong points that each personal brand may have when it comes to self-analysis.; each person is unique, and it is true that the generalist points coincide on many occasions, but many others are very particular.

In addition, you have to go out and check them; don't stick with a simple self-analysis, but you have to do questionnaires and interviews, both to the close environment and to the one that is not so much.

2 Observation: 

In this phase we will elaborate the external part of the SWOT, conducting a market study, a study of the environment and its current situation, and we will also add a study of the legislation.

It is unnecessary to run a thorough study, although it is recommended to investigate thoroughly. There are many ways to observe the environment.

If it overwhelms you and you don't know where to start, create a document where you see the projects of other people who are already doing something similar, or the same thing you intend to do.

Look at their websites, in how they speak and express themselves, what is the message they bring, what social networks they are in, what legal texts they are using.

It is a starting point that will give you clues to know other elements that come into play and that you had not thought about them.

Search for the keyword that defines your project, and use it to find the results that Google offers. If they are companies, study them.

What sector they are in, which markets they are influencing. If the current situation in which we live, it affects or not directly or indirectly to your project.

This is essential to know what opportunities you find, even some will appear in whose existence you had not fallen. In addition, know what threats can affect your project, and whether or not there is a possibility of mitigating them if they exist.

Become aware of your environment and how your idea will affect it.

3 Approach: 

As we move forward, initial vision may have undergone some variation, or not.

The fact is that, at this point, we must make a more real approach to our project.

Evaluate the possibilities: as I told you, this stage can ruin your first approach.

After carrying out the external study of possibilities with the realization of the previous point, assessing opportunities and threats, you will know or realize whether or not your initial idea is possible, and it will be here when you will begin to see the viability of your project.

It is of the utmost importance that, at this time, you can define very well the approach of your project, without yet determining the services and the monetization of the same.

The latter, monetization, will be developed later, dealing with each type of monetization and its viability in terms of your reality.

Remember that we are very creative and have many ideas, and the implementation of the same, involves different types of efforts, either in time, knowledge and/or budget.

4 Mission definition, vision and values.

Decided and rethought the idea a little more studied already, it's time to think about the mission, vision and values of your personal branding.

The mission goes beyond the material. Focuses on others. It must be transcendental and important. A good mission keeps you on the project more than just making money.. Making money is the consequence of fulfilling your mission.

The vision focuses on the brand. It's the opportunity you've seen. Focus on what you believe. If you find it difficult to define it, go to your external SWOT in the opportunity variable. In short, the vision is the result of the solution you provide.

Values are the set of virtues of a person in terms of their performance, interaction and relationship with your environment. It's about ethical values, Moral, Political, economic and social that you own a personal brand and that dictate what is right and what is not.

Let's see a good example like Google's and one not as good as Inditex's:

Good example Google mission, Vision, Values

In the case of Google you can see that the mission effectively goes beyond the material and focuses on others. “Organize information in the mute to make it useful and accessible“. 

The vision derives from the necessary opportunity that has been detected: How did we not ask ourselves that before?, any of us, how we didn't see that opportunity? Google focuses its vision very well, which is the result of the solution it provides: “To be the most important search engine in the world”. 

My personal opinion on Google's vision: would add the tag line of “Forever”.  

Effectively, nothing is forever; there are already other search engines that may be imposed on Google, correcting the failures of this. But that's a subject for another subject..

Values must be consistent; so if we give personality to “Google”, be fast, Precise, innovative and easy to use, perfectly matches your vision and mission.

Negative example INDITEX mission, Vision, Values

In the case of Inditex, you can see that the mission could be confused with the vision.

You can see that it focuses on its outcome and not on others.

Here, in my opinion ,it should rethink the mission and focus it on others.

Something like “create fashion for all existing styles” or for all the people of the world, to the particular taste of themselves.

It is an example, and even if you are not a copywriter, I invite you to propose a more transcendental mission for Inditex than to be a leader in the textile sector; What do you think? 

Go ahead and leave Inditex's mission in the comments.

The vision: if you look, Inditex repeats once again being a leader in the sector, but said with other elements such as clothing, marketing and distribution.

Lacks gas, you lack the real result of your vision, which could well be the “be the company that sees everyone” Or “dress everyone”

It is also good to “be a leader in the textile sector, offer quality products at a good price and get ahead of fashion”. What vision do you propose for Inditex??

Now when we enter the values of Inditex, whether your personality is going towards the result, gets in front of the customer, it focuses on itself.

In my opinion, should focus on going beyond the material and focus on the other side: on the client side.

For example, your values should be creativity, seduction, elegance, stridency, provocation and dynamism, or create an acronym that comes from all fashion styles. Something like ClaSoRoCreDraSe, of the: Classic, Sophisticated, Romantic, Creative, Dramatic, Seducer.

Go ahead and make a proposal of Inditex's brand values: I will read you below ;)

5 Detailed description of the five main objectives:

Main objectives Mireya Trias

It is true that it is not easy to reach the five main objectives. That's why I propose that you make a list of objectives, differentiating between them, the personal staff of the professionals, and even social ones.

Once you set those goals separately, I want you to be able to extract the ones that are exclusive to your project, and from each one extract necessary actions, possible and impossible, to ensure that these objectives are met.

6 Budget determination: 

Very important before the choice of shares, is to define our budget.

Yes, it is true that we could put this point as subsequent to the decision of actions; although the truth is, that only in the case that you do not have a limited budget.

Otherwise, ideally, you should first set what is the budget you have, to know what you can allocate to your project and based on this you can decide in which actions you are going to invest it.

As long as you are not limited by creativity.

There are many people who, by doing it the other way around, find the necessary funding to carry out actions of which, in the beginning, had no budget.

Infographic 8 Tips for processing the management of your personal brand by Mireya Trias in guillemrecolons.com

7 Decision of the actions to be undertaken for each of the objectives set: 

At this point you must take into account your personal variables to be able to undertake with the actions, that you can realistically carry out.

It is true that in your list we include the possible and impossible actions.

It's a creative way to brainstorm, to open the mind; and sometimes, something that may seem impossible to you, it can be carried out.

Anyway,, the interesting thing here is to decide what actions you can finally take.

For example, if one of the objectives is the realization of a website, the actions to be taken would be: hiring hosting, installing a WordPress or other CMS, and a long list of actions that will vary according to your knowledge, time availability, and budget.

8 Choice of control guidelines to know whether or not we achieve the objectives described with the actions we have taken.

These are used to measure the performance of operations aimed at obtaining leads, conversions in each online campaign, influence the target audience, Etc.

It accompanies each indicator of a specific value that helps to know the performance of the shares.

Examples of digital marketing KPIs:

  • Traffic to the web.
  • Returning users and new users.
  • Time spent on the website.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Leads achieved.
  • User engagement/CTR (Click Through Rate).
  • Number of followers on social profiles.

To finish, I would say that these are the general bases in the process of managing a personal brand; which in turn are applicable, easier, for trademarks, since they don't just involve one person.

By the fact of involving a person, intrinsic direct variables are added, that although on the one hand, exert a direct connection with the ideal audience, also involve the risk of marketing the person, or to create a character that does not fit with the reality of the subject.

I invite you to be yourself always, so that you do not feel that your project is separated from your essence, and ends up becoming something or someone that has nothing to do with you. And I leave you an infographic in which I have summarized the 8 steps in the process of managing your personal brand

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