Shareholding emotional perhaps innocently, utopia or path?

Some time ago I recreated this concept of “emotional shareholding” understood as the symbolic co-ownership of a brand or organization. At the end of the month, many articles about employer branding pass through my hands (talent attraction) and about talent retention. I explain it briefly:

Talent retention

talent retention
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As a concept it seems to me that “talent retention” literally obeys this image of a caged guy in a company. I don't think it requires much explanation.. However, the concept “talent retention” continues to make headlines and few have been concerned with explaining that in fact, it's about loyalty, to convince, and not retaining.

Attracting talent

attracting talent
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In this case, The employer brandinG understood as attracting talent, doesn't always use the right hooks to do it. Talent you may attract many ways, but going fishing is not one of them. Basically because we're neither fish nor shoes, we're people. We're not talent either.. Although the RAE's third concept of talent refers to intelligent people, the first two define the ability to understand or the capacity for performance. So, are human qualities, so we could define talent as a quality, and not as the person who owns it.

What's the point? It's not about talent, it's about people.

It may seem superficial to leave all this on a lexical issue. But it's not.: in the first case, we're not talking about retaining talent, we're talking about persuading people, to convince them, to illusion them, loyalty. In the second case we don't talk about attracting talent, we're talking about persuading people, to convince them, to thrill them towards a project… Do you see the coincidence? Exactly! As it turns out there is a common denominator between loyalty and attract people: it's always about persuading, Convince, illusion, And, if I may, Thrill.

emotional shareholding: satisfied people convince satisfied people

In this chart I show the main reasons that lead a professional to stay - at ease- in the organization or brand you work for:

professional conviction
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This leads me to think about the concept of emotional shareholding, of the idea of feeling part of the brand, even if you don't have titles on it. Emotional shareholders are best for attracting new professionals. The first thing a potential candidate does when they make him a job offer - let's not forget- is to see how it is “the house” inside. And we're just a click away from a check as easy as that.

Emotional shareholding may seem naive, Utopia, but also a way to recover, within the context of more human branding, human branding.

Let's recover the essence of that yogurt that used to be called Bio and which ensured “what it does inside is seen on the outside”.

Happy week!

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5 thoughts on "Shareholding emotional perhaps innocently, utopia or path?”

  1. Hello, Guillem

    I hope you're okay.. I was just talking to a client last week about this concept and making almost the same clarification you're doing in this article.: it's not about “Retain” talent by creating a pleasant work environment, in an office with microwave oven, Refrigerator, TV and other toys.

    It's about convincing them that in this company they will be able to carry out their dreams, make a career worthy, give their best, grow and, in addition to everything, make good money throughout the trip.

    They seem to forget that serious professionals like to commit to 100% with the companies we work on but in exchange for a mutual commitment: I help you grow, while you help me grow; I make you a part of my life, in the same way you (Company) you make me part of yours.

    In many cases, the issue of “Retain” talent seemed closer to that cage that you mention, than anything else.

    I share it, as always, My pleasure.

    • Hello Joel, I think that the alignment of values and the idea that there is a purpose beyond economic benefit are key factors so that a professional not only feels comfortable with a brand, but I feel it as its own. Thank you for the review!

  2. A very interesting article Guillem,

    I think the lexicon used is not a superficial issue. Language greatly influences our perception of reality. The word “Retain” has a connotation of “loss of freedom” more than obvious that it can cause a certain cognitive and/or emotional dissonance to professionals who value freedom and autonomy at work. Much better “Attract” Or “Seduce”, No doubt.


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