goodbye Loewe, it was pretty while it lasted

What has been of that desired brand, taste reference, his name was Loewe?

Judge yourselves. I, I won't step on one of their tents again. goodbye Loewe. I've felt real shame when I saw the ad. There are still those who confuse notoriety with extreme bad taste.

Some friends tell me that these ads works well in Madrid, but I call there and they tell me not to, that doesn't happen.

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16 thoughts on "goodbye Loewe, it was pretty while it lasted”

  1. Mr. Recolons, I understand that you are the one who signs the above article,No?

    If so, I can't come to understand how an advertising and marketing expert as you don't have greater “scope” to understand the 2nd intentions of this announcement. Loewe has achieved what he wanted, TO BE TALKED ABOUT THEM.

    No creative in his right mind would launch a campaign like this trying to sell it as serious. It's clear they were looking for irony, sarcasm, the shame of others,… In short, the controversy.

    Have a little more sense of humor and don't be so taxative, Man!

    • Hello Jose. I assure you, I value humor as few. Here I attached an excellent example of the use of humor, ssangyong

      Loewe's case I think has little to do with a sense of humor.. Loewe tries to tell me that Spanish youth responds to a pattern far removed from reality. I don't know if it's humorous that the brand has lost thousands of customers in a few weeks. I'm one, but I know hundreds. Is it a good strategy?

      It is encouraging to know that Loewe appreciates the rejection of his new campaign. That they speak even one bad and neither works. Reaching the current point, regaining its reputation is almost a miracle that will require a multimillion-dollar investment.

      If there's anyone who wouldn't want to be right now, it's Loewe's chief marketing officer..

  2. Hello again, Guillem:
    His sense of humor is definitely far from mine.. I found the announcement horrific.. I was looking forward to it ending.. The most pedling girl impossible. In addition do not even know what they are selling me. Definitely if the average user of a “Sanyaaan” it's from this stew, small tease!!!

    Regarding what you're telling me about the loss of thousands of customers in a few weeks, I would appreciate it if you'd attach the link where I can read that information, because I've been looking and I haven't found anything about it.

    • Hello Jose, here's a fact that you might find useful, taken off YouTube

      SSangyong Korando: 98% “I like it” Against 2% “I don't like it”
      Loewe Gold 2012: 6,4% “I like it” Against 93,6% “I don't like it”.

      Need more data?
      The names of my friends and family who bought at Loewe and have sworn to stop doing so I'm not going to give them to you., I hope you don't mind.

  3. Hello.

    From the day the announcement was known, I've had a lot of discussions about him with people of totally different profiles.

    Sincerely, I don't see anywhere the irony or sarcasm and yes the shame of others. I had a hard time getting to the end of the ad.. The stupefaction doesn't come from the ad itself, comes from that it was a spot that Loewe signs, whose positioning is completely different from that presented in the ad.

    In my opinion, it's an insult to the target it's supposed to be directed at and a baffling maneuver to the current customer profile, I don't think he's comfortable wearing the logo and being related to this crew of shallow and ridiculous beings.

    Maybe I don't have a sense of humor., although this is irrelevant, since I'm not going to buy any branded items.

    But I have my doubts that the sense of humor of the current customers of the brand is very different from mine.

    • Celestino, I'm convinced you have a great sense of humor, but also good taste. And that's why it repels your ad, because it violates good taste and because it dispossesses a brand that we all had at the top of mind. It's what we'd call a misalignment of values, a matter considered serious in terms of branding.

      For more inri, the actors featured in the ad are the sons of celebrities. That still aggravates him more.. We are in the marketing of disappointment. I'm going to post a post in three minutes with Cartier's ad to see if Loewe's friends understand a communication code of a “premium brand”.

      Thank you for writing and #FF

  4. Hello, I've read the posts in this article and I've been left with the thorn of opinion. I find it surprising that the ramblings about this ad come to make someone think that what Loewe intended was humor to achieve notoriety. I think with all due respect a barbarity. Obviously I haven't spoken to Loewe's brand manager so I don't know the absolute truth, but even if so it is clear that they have failed down that way even more because they have created irritation and rejection.
    If I had to imagine the briefing, I think I'd say something like that.: launch of a new collection of bags and bags with a design that is slightly released by its colored handles of classic Loewe designs by the use of fluoride tones, so it's meant to give a more trendy orientation to the brand and probably thus attack a younger audience.
    Obviously briefing wouldn't be that., but to explain to me. I think it's a good design., I think it's a good strategy to modernize the brand and reach a younger audience. Now, it seems that the gentlemen of Loewe have forgotten that they are still Loewe leaving the brand values that position it in the top of mind as a premium brand.
    As an advertiser and as a consumer of the brand I had always been very clear which type was the young target of Loewe. I think it's a long way from the spot cast.. And to explain myself better, though if it's true that the young loewe buyer I imagine it much more classic, I don't think at all that these people wouldn't allow Loewe to do an aggressive campaign, creative or take a more trendy style twist, and I think it's a product that fits perfectly. I think it would have been very well received if she hadn't risked so much pretending that the buyer felt identified with “models”, inappropriate, in favor of betting on product quality and campaigning less personally.
    For being something harder, I will say that I as a young Spaniard have received a message from Loewe that (even though I think in a way it's true that there's a lot of young people like that, I don't think anyone wants to hear it from such a brand) young Spaniards came to the 25 with a young people's own maturity of 14 Years, we're just talking about love and our high school folders, that at the professional level we leave a lot to be desired since the “celebrities” they offer us, that's why we're children of acquaintances, nobody knows them etc.
    I personally know quite a few young people much closer to being consumers of the Loewe brand, who would raise the Loewe brand for their personal stories despite not being children of acquaintances, young people who stand out for their professional talent, people to admire for their tour, for their value as people, for his upbringing and the way he speaks. On the other hand Loewe shows us children of pseudo-knowledge, them lesser known yet, so that I'm little served his “status”, who can't talk and they drop things that no young man tied to brand values would really let go.
    Anyway, much left for Loewe to fix this mess.

    • Ignacio, I can't agree more. We have young people who have gone around the world with their projects, who have worked following very uns vain principles: effort, discipline, respect, the craving for improvement and innovation. I don't see any of that in the Loewe ad.. It's banality in its purest form. I guess that's your audience., But it's not me (and I see that neither do you).

      Thank you for your comment, a thought more than right.


    Good afternoon,

    Regarding the campaign, maybe it's true that they've lost customers “of a lifetime” to those who, By the way, they don't have much life left as customers ahead. But judging by the links that attached it seems that there's a new audience that, perhaps because of youth and for having even a more flexible brain, have rewarded an attempt by the brand - more or less fortunate- for approaching them. And perhaps you have understood then that the “Rebellion” and sophistication, still rubbing the merdelloneo, can coexist with tradition and modernity and perhaps, Why not, this kind of new blood is what feeds Loewe's coffers in the future.

    Nonetheless, I was one of those who kept his mouth open after seeing the ad, that doesn't leave indifferent… what do you think considering the news that attached?

    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the talk you're giving in Malaga.

    A greeting,
    Nacho Avila.

  6. Hello, days ago I saw that Loewe has the Cruz sisters for the creation of a bag, in addition to being an image of the brand today, I googled Loewe and it has brought me here, I read the art. and your comments and I can't agree more with Guillem. I'm not understood in Marketing, I don't have anything to do with the brand, nor do I buy their products, I only follow it, his trajectory, Their “Advances” which for me are nothing but setbacks- Involution; a brand like Loewe, which boasts of being one of the few Spanish brands located in the luxury sector, can't and shouldn't have these slips, no tone outputs, so vulgar. I would very much like to know who will be responsible for the image and advertising of the brand, because of course, I'm firmly convinced that a friend of mine, luxury industry expert would make it much better, I wish I could present it to the management and the directors of the Loewe Group. How sad that people with overwhelming talent and knowledge can't have opportunities… Best regards.

    • Hello Anca, right now I'm with my co-worker, Alexia, luxury marketing specialist. She talks about unfortunate opportunism, a tone output that doesn't fit with a luxury brand approach, it wasn't aspirational.
      Thank you for writing!


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