Trusts and Values, what's the relationship?

It's not the first time I've treated Values on this blog. In this article I want to show you the magnificent marriage between our trusts and values.

If you have little time I'll summarize it in a minute:

Defining Values

They say an adult takes some 35.000 daily decisions; awesome don't you? And they say that 227 of those decisions are based on food.

Some of those decisions are impulsive, others obey regulations, but the vast majority are guided by our Values.

If you stop to think about why you've chosen your career or the city you live in, you will realize that your Pillar Values have had a lot to do with it.

Your Personal Values are what encompass your core beliefs, who then guide your behavior and guide you to make decisions that become action.

The difficulty of communicating our Values

I often claim that values are not explained, are transmitted. There's a big difference, as we'll see next. They are transmitted with our actions, not with our words.

An example: let's say a person identifies their main values. And among them, the most prominent is the Honesty. And, neither short nor lazy, writes on your resume or social media profile "I'm honest". Anyone who reads it will be eager to continue the sentence with "…but not modest". I know, it's unfair.

The same is the case if a woman identifies the Creativity as one of its values. And she writes about herself: "I'm creative". Something doesn't fit., True? Toni Segarra, one of the most larure creatives on this planet, writes about himself.a guy who writes ads".

They can be expressed in the form of purpose or belief, there's a certain lace

"Politicians' pockets should be made of glass" kept the politician and ex-mayor of Madrid, Don Enrique Tierno Galván. Here a purpose is expressed as a platform of a value called Honesty. And courage was endured with facts: even his fiercest political opponents recognized that honesty. The same thing happened to Pepe Mújica, ex-president of Uruguay.

Another example: A belief in Innovation as an engine of progress. Tristan Gorrindo, Deputy Medical Director of the American Psychiatric Association, Writes: “I think 'education is a powerful medicine'. As Director of Education of the American Psychiatric Association, I am committed to advancing in the field of Psychiatry by creating an innovative education, involving millennial students, advocating for mental health education in government…”. 

But the best thing is the image, as always, and there afitions and values go hand in hand

Our afitions are directly related to our Values, and these with our work. Something as simple as you like hiking (some call it trekking) conveys attachment to nature, Bless you, Planning, Orientation, teamwork...

And those same values of our trusts are applied in the professional environment. It wouldn't be hard to associate a broker in the background with a good lawyer., a disciplined person, Planner, Fighter, Coherent, Researcher, Fair.

Paula Fernández-Ochoa @vivircorriendo
Paula Fernández-Ochoa @vivircorriendo (Instagram) Photo: Fran Fernandez-Ochoa

An NGO volunteer conveys Values as Equity, Justice, Solidarity, Transparency, Honesty, teamwork, Altruism...

Have you ever wondered what Values are behind your afitions?

Affations and Values: From the saying to the fact

Once those Values have been identified, it's time for the action plan. It's about showing and demonstrating. Show those images, they don't need much explanation. Publish them without fear. Transmit your Values, humanize your brand, connects and... reinforce your Personal Brand.

Stock Photos from Refat / Shutterstock

Pd: Don't forget Personal Branding Lab Day

Last week I published on this same blog the post 78 reasons not to miss Personal Brand Day 2020. If you couldn't see it, don't miss it, it's a nice opportunity (and free) to learn and implement your action plan.

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4 thoughts on "Trusts and Values, what's the relationship?”

  1. Hello Guillem,

    Values and Afitions Perfect Marriage! I agree. They have a lot to see and from there try to work on what we are passionate about and if not do everything possible to find the positive that aligns with us.
    I have a business profile that has integrated the values of helping ( because we help our potentials and customers in their needs ) empathy ( to make us understand each other and come to an agreement )
    My afitions : Read, write and draw ( linked to knowledge and creativity ) Travel ( linked to enjoying the road, know and explore what I apply when it comes to making “seller's journey” in prequalification, customer knowledge and listening )

    A greeting,

  2. what a great subject you set out here, it's really more acting than talking, and above all be proactive than reactive… thank you for these themes that have us so impressive and spectacular..


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