Something dies in the soul… and Cris is gone

Forever, Cris, essence of life

The Del Rio became famous for many songs, but certainly because of his interpretation of “Goodbye” (something dies in the soul). Until now it had not steadies its meaning at all, but unfortunately Cris is gone, and that makes me look at two specific stanzas of the song:

Something dies in the soul, when a friend leaves,
And it leaves a footprint that can't be erased.

The boat becomes small when it moves in the sea,
And when you lose how big the loneliness is.

Cris is gone, and leaves us without that flame of life: Organizer, Cheerful, Passionate, perfect mother, perfect wife, Perfect friend, culer even in the difficult times, lover of music and dancing, of a good basket game, lover of the pleasures of the good table, of a good book (he was able to reread 5 sometimes if he really liked it), of a good coffee with cigarette and morning press… lover of life.

Cancer doesn't distinguish good people from bad people. Cris is gone shortly before meeting 50, with a lot of things to do, many trips, many talks… I write this with tears in my eyes but with smiles that bring me back to the great moments that we've been near, we'll always remember.

Sometimes I think that God takes people who have absorbed so much essence of life, as if we had a limit, a quota of excellent moments that can't be surpassed. Jorge, Pati, Carlos and Jorge junior will miss her, more than anyone else in this world, but you can never say you didn't have a wife and mother who gave it all, absolutely everything.

To finish, I leave you one of the musical pieces that Cris asked me over and over again to put in the mystical moments: The viatge to Itaca, that visionary text by the Greek poet Konstandinos Kavafis, translated by Carles Riba and masterfully covered by Lluís Llach.

Cris is gone. Bon viatge, Cris!

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2 thoughts on "Something dies in the soul… and Cris is gone”

  1. Wordless Guille!!! I didn't know her., but as you've described it, his person and his vitality is as if he has shared something with him.
    Presioste your farewell!!!
    So be your journey, as you describe it.
    A kiss for you and Mary


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