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The e-book book is now available 2014 Soymimarca with a selection of the best posts 23 Authors. The title of the book “Authentic, Relevant, Different” reflects the philosophy of many of us who are dedicated to Personal Branding and follows a direct parallel with the Iceberg methodology of personal brand (Self, Strategy, Visibility).


Authenticity is the driving value of every personal brand; put another way, if there is no authenticity there is no brand of its own. But authenticity is also the fruit of a process of self-known, the basic foundation and first step in managing the brand. I can't think of a better line than Oscar Wilde's to define the importance of authenticity in the personal context: “Be yourself; everyone else is taken”.


authentic ebook, Relevant, DifferentRelevance is the result of a strategic process. There is little point in communicating without message and without relevance. Whatever we do (not just what we say) needs to bring VALUE to others, and if not we'll be offering a proposal “commodity”, One more, maybe just based on the price. Here you have to work and get empathy instead of another to understand if what we offer does improve others.


As the English say, last but not least. If what we are and what we do is cloned by a thousand people, our offer is linear. It is critical to work on our value propositions and, at the same time, find a different way to communicate them so as not to be part of the ether. My colleague Andrés Pérez approached me with a sentence (I don't know the porletarian.) the other day that fits well with this: “If you don't differentiate for something, they'll rule you out for anything”.


It's been a pleasure sharing a poster with this crack panda: Jordi Collell, Alexia Herms, Xavi Roca, Eva Collado Durán, Paul Adam, Celestino Martinez, Elena Tecchiati, Javier Zamora, Gabriel Aúz, Oianko Choperena, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Ruben G. Castro, Miquel Angel Escobar, Reyes Ferrer, Pau Hortal, Javier Santamarta, Eva Ballarín, Enrique Rueda, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Pau Samo, Carme Gibert, Francesc Segarra and Toni Muñoz.

And the ebook?

Here it is, in this Link. Enjoy, criticize it and if you also like it, Share. Magnificent summary “in advance”


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