Self, strategy and visibility, keys to managing an attractive brand

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Self, strategy and visibility, the keys to building an attractive brand

Is the online image of a professional as the offline one as important? What importance does it play in improving employability? Viadeo together with Guillem Recolons, personal brand expert and co-founder of SoyMiMarca, have presented the keys to building, improve and enhance the brand that an individual projects on a personal and professional level, both online and offline.

In this sense, Guillem Recolons pointed out: "The strategic goal of the branding staff is to help us visualize where we want to be in ten years and learn how to use the tools needed to reach that destination". Thus, Recolons has highlighted three fundamental stages to create the professional positioning we want:

Self: It's important to start by asking yourself some questions about our current situation. Who am I? What are my skills? How far does my education and training go?
Strategy: How do others see me? How did I get here? What is my competence? What goal do I want to achieve? Once we have an exact idea of how we look and how they see us, we are in a position to come up with the best strategy for our positioning.
Visibility: It's time to start communicating our mission, vision and values, as if it were a company, and build our personal brand.

Likewise, Recolons has highlighted the need to work on the message we transmit and how we do it. Always considering that the communication of our brand occurs in any context, either offline (on a business card, a networking session, the popular 'elevator speech', among others) as online (social media, professional and non-professional, Blogs, online reputation, among others).

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