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I attach an article of Andrés Pérez Ortega in which he predicts - quoting Tom Peters- that in the coming years we will reinvent our workplace. Posted in Pure Marketing. Worth reading.

Andrés Pérez, Peter Drucker and Tom Peters

The Personal Brand of the new professionals

Says Tom Peters , with that vehemence that characterizes him, that we are going to have to reinvent our workplace in the coming years, that we are sole proprietorship companies and that jobs will be replaced by projects.

Peter Drucker also says that the time has come to take charge of our professional careers on an individual level and not depend solely on "daddy" company..

Both Peters and Drucker, they do not refer only to consultants but to all kinds of professionals. The work for life is over and from now on we will all have to think like one-person service micro-enterprises. I mean, the mentality of I is imposed, Inc. even if someone pays us a payroll. You could say that in a few years, we are all going to become consultants and we will change the concept of employment to that of a project.

Free Agent Nation

Is this a pessimistic view?? I don't think so, quite the contrary. A new world of professional possibilities opens up for us. This new way of thinking forces us to rethink our careers. They will no longer be static and linear but must be flexible to adjust to the new needs of the market.

Although this need to adapt to change requires an effort, it will also give us the possibility to choose what best suits our strengths., to our tastes and our goals. We will no longer spend half our lives doing the same thing as a result of the choice we made when we were twenty years old..

In order to succeed in this new Free Agent market it is necessary to know that we are different, in which we stand out or what is the same in discovering our Personal Brand. A Personal Brand is what differentiates a "commodity" or white label professional from a professional with added value. It is no longer enough to simply be competent in your work, you also have to be known for standards and style above the market average.

Companies that want to survive in the market, must promote the Personal Brand of their professionals. As James Speros says (Chief Marketing Officer of Ernst&Young), "The Personal Brand of employees is not a threat to the company, but an asset".

Instead of giving security to employees, companies must provide the tools for professionals to reinvent themselves and go as far as their talent can take them. Unfortunately in many cases we will encounter resistance from employers because although there is a lot of talk about talent retention, in many cases it seems that there is talk of stopping talent.

Chess and checkers

Perhaps it may seem that the development of Personal Brands by professionals is a risk for closed cultures, homogeneous and uniform of some companies in general and consultants in particular. However, it doesn't have to be this way. A Personal Brand is based on the analysis and discovery of values, the talent and goals of each professional and whether these are aligned with those of the company, the risk disappears and becomes a strength. Evidently, the company must make an effort to know what those values are and try to satisfy them.

In a market where the demographic curve is downward and where loyalty to businesses is part of the past, those pompous cadres who say that the company's mission is to give value to the shareholder, they are as motivating for our professionals as the glory of the state for a tractor factory worker in Ukraine at the beginning of the year. 90. Companies that want to survive will have to replace the mentality of the game of checkers with that of chess, in which each piece has a different value and function.

People trust people

Moreover, after the latest scandals it seems that there is a certain fear of large corporations.

In the same way that we associate trademarks with certain values and intangible characteristics, The Personal Brand allows to establish more solid and lasting links between people. For that reason, when a professional is recognized by their brand, it is possible to establish a more individual type of relationship, more staff, more authentic and that can only be beneficial for him and his company, because if there is something clear, it is that people trust people and not entities. It's about going back to the old personal relationship of trust, the one that is established between two people. And that is not the last of the last but it is about returning to something that the Phoenicians already knew but it seems that we have forgotten.

The discovery (that does not create) of a Personal Brand is similar to that of the development of a product. Consists of five steps:

1. First of all, it is necessary to understand the market, the context in which we move.

2. In a second stage you have to make a deep analysis of the product, in this case it is about each one of us and could be summarized in something as classic as "know yourself". This is the most important stage.

3. Then you have to understand and apply those concepts that make a personal brand become strong as consistency, authenticity, persistence, visibility, Etc.

4. Once the brand is discovered, you have to bring it to light and for this the classic marketing tools are used but applied to individuals. Fortunately, technology allows us to reach our market almost at zero cost. It is curious how the use of one of the most powerful tools of Personal Marketing has spread in the consulting sector, blogs. They are numerous and every day more, young consultants who publish logs talking about their experiences. Of course, most of them do it anonymously.

5. All this should not be a simple theoretical exercise but must be taken to action and for this a strategic plan of Personal Brand is established.

This process, so simple and well-known has been applied to people for about ten years in the US and yet, has not reached our country until very recently. Although I can guess the answer (and it terrifies me) I'm still wondering why?

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3 thoughts on "Welcome to ME, S.a.”

  1. I share it, welcome to be. Deep down, there is nothing better than working with entrepreneurs (even if they are mini-entrepreneurs). They are usually very responsible people and very strong personal brands.

  2. What reason does it carry?, I think it would be a fantastic way to work based on personal qualities.
    The hardest part (in my opinion) is to demonstrate through the internet, the personal values that each young person possesses but has not yet had the opportunity to demonstrate within a company.
    How to show that you are an entrepreneur, innovative, Creative, Analytical, Etc. if you have not been given the opportunity to be part of a project?
    How to look for people who fit with your own project if you can not give him the peace of mind of demonstrable professionalism?


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