Personal Branded Content as a personal brand culture

Let's start at the beginning, What is branded content?

The Branded Content is considered as a marketing strategy based on the creation of content sponsored or produced directly by a brand.

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It's not something new.. Over the years 30, before the appearance of television, brands like Procter & Gamble sponsored radio shows with tips for housewives. The result was brilliant for the brand… and for its consumers. Other historical examples of Branded Content are the book Guinness World Records, The Michelin Guide

Of course, in the digital age and advertising saturation, The Branded Content is taking on an extraordinary dimension. A good recent example would be Felix Baumgartner's space jump / Red Bull that I already discussed in this blog a while ago with the post The most-watched ad in history is not an ad. Goodbye, Advertising.

Are we sure that Branded Content is marketing?

A few days ago I was able to read a fantastic article by Patricia Weiss In Branding Strategy Insider that caught my attention. Weiss questions that the Branded Content is limited to a marketing strategy. Instead, the specialist considers that it is a mindset (mentality) building brands, thus transcending marketing.

One thing is certain, The Branded Content does not sell explicitly and does not hide corporate brand messages. These are stories about people who connect emotionally because they revolve around aspects related to our values., Purposes…

Perhaps a new form of storytelling?

The part I like about the Branded Content is that many of the stories we're seeing are aligned with a Purpose, and notice what coincidence: is the brand. I think that today it is key that both trademarks and each personal brand has worked thoroughly a purpose.

Every time a trademark champions a purpose such as being a market leader, a kitten dies. The same thing happens when I ask a person what their purpose is and they tell me “make money”. Something as serious can not be instrumentalized in this way. We are talking about a utopian dream, of a vision, of a raison d'être (Ikigai), of a why.

And that brings us to a new narrative that can transcend marketing and become a new brand culture., whether corporate or personal.

And what about Personal Branded Content?

Many of the content we share professionally could be included in the personal marketing, or if you want Personal Marketing Content. The intention is to sell - directly or indirectly- our services, our products. When it comes to positioning ourselves as specialists (Experts, If you want), it's about Personal Branding, and here the key is that others intervene as supporters of our professionalism.

I do not deny that some of the articles in this blog -very few- have had that direct intention. But if every article were personal marketing I would end up hamenting readers., and let me tell you that also to whoever writes.

I think there is a part of research and altruism necessary in the contents that we share.. And that's what we'd call the Personal Branded Content.

Thinkers and doers

My colleague said to me and “thinkerArancha Ruiz that in every professional sector there are thinkers and doers (thinkers and doers). Of course, there are also hybrid profiles that combine both (I consider myself one). But whether you are more of one or the other, if you have identified a purpose you can generate small stories to convey it.

Big brands are doing a good job of providing us with stories that connect human values. And humans have the opportunity to open our secret box of passions, Hobbies… to show stories of how we are, what we are doing to improve the world and what really matters.


relevance, truth and meaning

Returning to Weiss, the history of your brand differentiates three essential engines: Relevance, truth and meaning, and it's always people-oriented, no to products or services. The hero and protagonist are the others, it's not you.

An example of Personal Branded Content are the series of photographs with story that many igers (Instagramers) they give away altruistically and brighten our day. Recently, I encouraged myself with a content that I am passionate about: historical photography. I created a hashtag called #GRelatos and every day I tell a little story around a photo that has left a mark.

Let's start changing the way we think: The Brand Content is not a discipline, not a department. It's pure brand culture. And it's also personal brand culture.

Today, 17 March, it's St. Patrick and I'm old. I'm going to take a Guinness to your health. Happy week!

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