If you're looking for a job, better go for the 80 and forget about 20

It is said that a 80% job offers is not published. If you're looking for a job, Don't you think better to go after the 80 and forget about 20?

The past 3 May in Avilés there was a personal brand conference extraordinarily organized by the Training and Employment City Council and by Elena Arnaiz. The summary of the event and the 6 presentations is collected in the articles “Leave a mark on liquid space“, “The heart of the personal brand: #MPAviles” and in the hashtag #MPAviles.

In my speech, in addition to dealing with strategic aspects and message and personal positioning, I suggested to job seekers who think big, in that 80%. I agree, but how to do it?

Do you know the WOM?

What despite social media remains the most effective means of communication that exists is what the Anglo-Saxons call Word-Of-Mouth (Wom) And here we could call mouth-ear. I mean, use our nearest circles of influence.
Why? so I said, The 80% job offers never see the light, and you have to fight to get into that 80%, not in the infested 20% Remaining.

Our key partners or prescribers who are? how can they help us?

In our business model, one of the most important elements are our key partners, Prescribers, those who can help us reach our target audience. If you're looking for a job, your audience are all those professionals who can offer it before taking it to market massively.

Your prescribers are diverse: satisfied customers, Collaborators, Friends, Family, fellow students, former co-workers, schools and in general anyone who meets two requirements:

  1. Attest that you are a good professional and that your value proposition is powerful
  2. Meet professionals who may have fresh information about job openings

How can they help us? You can imagine that.. Recommending us before the offer reaches the market.

What would be the protocol to make wom effective?

  1. Having a good health of our personal brand. That means that when someone looks for our name or our specialty, find us without macula. In and out of the net. Easy? Yes, it's about being a disciplined and consistent person fast? Three, Six, nine months, One year. It depends on the dedication and whether you have a mentor or not.
  2. Identify prescribers. Create a comprehensive list of people who can help us, and make sure you have the contact details. I remind you that if someone is direct contact on Linkedin you already have their email address.
  3. Communicate your intention to find work. But not only that: you have to send them a Briefing or summary of what you're looking for and what you think you can add value to. Send the CV? for me it's wet paper, something that becomes obsolete in a week, but if you have it, better than nothing. It is better to pass the link of the Linkedin or BeBee profile (if you're up to date). And even better: clearly explain your value proposition.
  4. Don't be stingy. Invest a little. Finding a job is an investment, and it depends on whether it's short-term or long-term. Investing is inviting your prescribers to a coffee, to lunch. Investing is spending 8 hours a day looking for work (including supplementary training, if you need it). Investing is hiring a mentor to help you with your brand management: Diagnosis > Self > Strategy > Visibility plan.
  5. Get recommendations. It's a classic, But it works. Before social networks, recommendations were oral (mouth-ear) or written. There is a great platform for issuing and receiving recommendations, Guudjob; if you don't know her, you're already taking a while. We now also on Linkedin, For example. Competency validations serve, but above all the recommendations written on the network. I like them because no one would play their reputation by recommending someone not to be worth the job (I'm kind of idealistic, I know).
  6. Stop being and start being. Don't be a member of organizations, be someone of reference in them. Don't be on the nets, be someone who offers value, Conversation, Action. Be a creative person: dare with a videoCV, For example (if they're well-thought out, it's an accelerator).

Useful data if you're going to use WOM

  • According to the study IAB Spain 2017, of the 86% penetration that social networks have in Spain, of which an important part includes professional networks.
  • The most commonly used networks are Facebook (91%), Whatsapp (89%), Youtube (71%), Twitter (50%) Instagram (45%), Spotify (41%), Linkedin (26%), Google+ (26%), Pinterest (19%), Telegram (16%) and Snapchat (7%)
  • The most commonly used professional networks are Whatsapp (89%), followed by Twitter (50%), Linkedin (26%), Google+ (26%), Pinterest (19%), Telegram (16%), although of these the only strictly professional is Linkedin, the rest are hybrid.
  • As I read in the ‘Infoemployment-Adecco Social Networks and Labour Market Report', The 78% users used social media in 2016 to look for jobs. But remember, we talked about 20% of the job that sees the light.
  • According to the same report by Adecco, Linkedin and Facebook lead this with a 66% And 50% Respectively. All other networks are far away, with a 19% on Google+, 16% Twitter, 13% Forums, 9% Blogs, And 6% Instagram.
  • Adecco indicates that the number of companies that use them as a means of attracting talent is from a 84%.
  • Over the past year, The 55% of the human resources professionals surveyed has reconsidered their hiring decision after consulting the networking profiles of a shortlisted candidate, worsening his opinion in a 36% case scenarios.
  • In my experience, it's usually a first filter, but it can also be repeated at the end of the process between two equalized candidacies.
  • Eye with social media are a tool to boost the personal brand, but at the same time they can hurt you in your job search. Don't play it all on this card..

Everything leaves a mark

I usually claim that everything leaves a mark, what we say and what we shut up, what we do and what we don't do. Today we have overcome the silent generation of our parents who advocated discretion, and we have a great opportunity to project a strong personal brand that attracts companies and recruiters. But it must be solid, because if it doesn't become a double-edged sword.
What can hurt us is:
  • Presence: absence or overexposure
  • Reputation: bad ways, poor content, Plagiarism, very extreme opinions at FSPR (Football, Sex, politics and religion)
  • Egocentrism: Talking only about yourself, forgetting our value proposition towards others.

In short, if you're looking for a job, fight over him 80% higher-quality offers in private settings. The 20% remaining is too populated with candidates. And, especially, don't forget to work thoroughly your value proposition.

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14 thoughts on "If you're looking for a job, better go for the 80 and forget about 20”

  1. Magnificent Guillem. To add, I'd like to add on how to get recommendations, using platforms like Guudjob, where you can certify your professional reputation through recognition of your work.

    Thank you for this magnificent post!

  2. No doubt, a great article, of those few I decide I select, and I keep, between a mountain of insubstantial content. A greeting and thank you for sharing such good advice.

  3. Hello Guillem, I think one of those private elements is the relationships or networking that one maintains unfortunately those relationships are made in many cases since we are young and our friendships are formed, one of the particularities that happens in my country is that (Ecuador), having maintained good relationships with the rest of the friends, such friends have company and it's easier to place a position there, because of the relationship. Having that relationship I think would correspond to 80% you talk in the post, those conversations that are not heard and just murmured.

    Greetings and a hug,

    • Well, I'll answer you frankly., Mauricio: Yes. They say whoever has a friend has a treasure, and the more you have, you'll have a better chance of knowing first-hand the job movements in the companies they work in or own. Thank you for writing!

  4. Hello Guillem, extremely interesting the subject, described by you as it happens in reality in relation to job search.
    My case is a clear example, I'm a lawyer and a conflict mediator, experienced from more than 10 Years, I live in Malaga and have been trying to join some office or company through human resources agencies for more than two years and to this day I have not managed. Unfortunately the curriculum often does not reflect your potential as a professional. I say who's lucky enough to hire me.!!!
    Thanks a lot

    • Well, this article suits you., Daniela. In short you've been moving in hyperpopulation 20% and now it's time to start removing contacts to re-occupy the first line. I know, it's not easy. I never said it was.. It is laborious and requires effort and constancy (and lose a little shame). Thank you for writing!

  5. Excellent! I would love an opinion about my profile because I intuitively did the 80% than recommended, But, I don't know if by age or my geographical place of residence I haven't gotten by these means, curdling an employment agreement, I haven't even gotten the interview.… Cordial greetings

    • Hello Angel. I'm no one to advise you without knowing you, but one of the issues I insist on is to define our value proposition very well.

      I've entered your Linkedin profile and your professional title is Bachelor of Hygiene and Safety, which I think defines your education more than the problem you can solve for your customers or the company's customers who might hire you. Take it for a spin.

      Your age, by the appearance of photography, I don't think it's an obstacle. And your area of residence may be far from large urban or industrial centers, but if you work on what problem you solve it will be easy to find a list of companies that your work could contribute to. Thank you for writing, tons of luck and a cordial greeting!


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