Did you know that a change of narrative can boost your personal brand?

Today I start a new saga, with pblabday21 category, in which I will comment on the interventions that I have found most relevant of the congress held on 27N2021 and that, if you missed it, you can see in full at the full video of 8 Hours

If you're short on time, I'll explain in a minute:

Raquel Gómez's Golden Minute from Colombia on the change of narrative

One of the nice surprises of the day was the strength of simple ideas. And my good friend and colleague Raquel Gomez he hit the nail on the head with his.

Did you know that a change of narrative can boost your personal brand? And there is the key that Rachel talks about.: that we tend to use narratives that are too generic, little concrete, and poor.

Raquel says that it is not the same to say "I have been working in the same industry for years and I have participated in several projects" than "I have been working in the same industry" 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a commercial and I have led two projects that have impacted more than one hundred thousand people nationwide".

What a great reasoning, the first example is the classic, the second is practically a value proposition. Check out his one-minute video:

The concrete motivates

This phrase "concrete motivates" stuck in my brain during the 5 years I spent at the Saatchi advertising agency & Saatchi. And I think it's especially important today in the management of our personal brand.

In my formations, I never tire of seeing poor narrative proposals, of the style "project manager in multinational company", "Senior manager in such a company", "CEO",… as if that opened the doors to the business of the century.

People are not looking for a CEO, we are looking for a leader who has transformed organizations, has made them grow, in a given sector and at a specific time.

Nor are we looking for a senior manager, we are looking for someone who can, For example, audit in three months a company in the real estate sector, and that it has already done so with twenty others successfully.

The forest, trees and partial visions

To finish complicating things, the world demands concreteness from us, a rich narrative, but also global vision, avoid that the trees do not let us see the forest.

You cannot work in an organizational ecosystem in your specialty without knowing that of the neighbor and, therefore, the global offer of the ecosystem.

The S Professionals. XXI we need to combine the concrete and rich narrative of which Raquel Gómez speaks to us with a global vision of the organization and the market we serve., and by that I mean not just a SWOT, but to the people who make up the ecosystem.

Low self-esteem leads to low self-esteem

Raquel also mentions the factor of low personal valuation (the "I'm from the heap" syndrome) as an element that prevents many professionals from not achieving the visibility they deserve in their work and not being able to access large-scale projects.

You are a unique person in the world. You have skills and competencies that, combined with your values and personality traits, make you a unique human being. Identify these factors that take you "out of the heap", join them to your experience and training, and defines an authentic value proposition, differential and relevant.

Magnificent summary, Raquel, for creating such a simple and at the same time meaningful reflection on the advantages of a change of narrative and a better self-assessment. By the way, I recommend you follow Raquel on her website raquelgomezh.com and your Instagram profile @RaquelGomezH.

Here's the podcast version from iVoox, Spotify And Apple Podcast.

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