Bad practices that can destroy your Personal Brand

Bad practices that can destroy your Personal Brand

This week I had the honor of being part of an online round table entitled "Forbidden in Personal Branding" tutored by my partner Anabel Ferreiras (Quifer Consultants, Dominican Republic), with my partners Nancy Vazquez and Alan Urbina (Integra Personal Branding, Mexico) and my partner in The Human Branding, Helena Houses. If for the reason that … Read more

anti-branding staff

Anti-Branding Staff Is Required

I had my doubts with the title… Anti-Branding or Anti-Personal Branding Staff? I'm going to try to explain, but I think you're already imagining where all this comes from. Curious: in politics, win the worst-rated candidates In effect, Donald Trump's victory and the victory that came in Mariano Rajoy's last Spanish election … Read more

A new typology of urban terrorist is born: the laser asshole

Deslumbran a pilotos de avión con punteros láser en plena maniobra de aterrizaje No hay peor terrorista que aquel cuyo coeficiente intelectual se parece al de un donut. From 2009, se ha puesto de moda en el Aeropuerto del Prat (Barcelona) que una nueva tribu urbana se esconde entre árboles y, armados con punteros láserRead more

make you sweat blood

How to lose customers and win enemies / The Vodafone case

I'm sure we've all had good and bad experiences with brands. In my early advertising, agency J. Walter Thompson, that taught me almost everything that I know about brands, proposed in his “Strategic Tool Kit” Analyze in depth the process of buying a product or service to detect what is the … Read more