Richard Wakefield

I am Syrian

I am Syrian. Richard Wakefield uses a lethal weapon: your creativity, that has moved to 23 advertising giants to face for Syrian refugees

Cartier: A good example of communication in the luxury environment

Communication in the luxury environment: all that glitters is not gold While brands like Loewe self-destruct with campaigns like Loewe Gold 2012, Cartier gives us a lesson in how things are done again in his L'Odyssée campaign. I wouldn't stop seeing him.. Some of you will think it's a matter of budget. And … Read more

goodbye Loewe, it was pretty while it lasted

What has been of that desired brand, taste reference, his name was Loewe? Judge yourselves. I, I won't step on one of their tents again. goodbye Loewe. I've felt real shame when I saw the ad. There are still those who confuse notoriety with extreme bad taste. Some friends tell me that these types of ads … Read more

The best and worst of 2011

Here summarize the advertising legacy it leaves us this 2011 The best [Youtube][/Youtube] The Worst [Youtube][/Youtube]       Guillem RecolonsConvened that everything leaves its mark, I help companies better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy (programs of branded internal ambassadors). … Read more

A sender is useless if there is no receiver

Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible.” – Stephen Hawking Es una de mis frases de mesita de noche. La conservo y la recuerdo a menudo desde que la oí por primera vez en un anuncio inolvidable de BT (British Telecom). Eran los 80, quizás losRead more

Thank you Campofrio, Puleva, Bayer, Nestlé, Panrico and Milner

Campofrío, Puleva, Bayer, Nestlé, Panrico and Milner have withdrawn their ads “La Noria”, the TV show that has made many of us reprogram our TVs to eliminate Tele Cinco. What's wrong with Tele 5? Why hasn't he done anything interesting again after “Twin Peaks”? Why do you think … Read more

The beer that helps strengthen relationships as a couple

The stunning story of Andes beer and its teleportation There are almost no words to define this story of Mendoza beer “Andes” and the invention of teleporting, a machine that simulates other environments so our partner doesn't know we're at the bar with some friends. No doubt, a well-told story … Read more

Tv: Sólo vemos el 2,6% de los anuncios emitidos en ‘prime time

Mensaje urgente para todas las marcas que se anuncian en TV o que piensan hacerlo pronto: Los telespectadores sólo ven el 2,6% de los anuncios emitidos en ‘prime time’. Eso es lo que se extrae del último índice de publicidad en televisión elaborado por Zenithmedia, correspondiente a los tres primeros del año. Of the 1.492 … Read more

Revisiting storytelling: The deaf violinist against the world

Me llega a través de un amigo este vídeo que quiero compartir como un gran ejemplo de storytelling. Lo cierto es que la dispersión de audiencias en TV facilita estos nuevos formatos de corto de cine, mucho más interesantes, y con apenas presencia testimonial de la marca. In this case, la propuesta es de Pantene, … Read more