Personal Branding at Guillem Recolons

Corporate Personal Branding : Applications, pros and cons

Guillem Recolons analyzes the applications of Personal Branding in the Company and details its advantages and disadvantages (Version 2021)

3 corporate personal branding keys

Confidence, Training, Technology: the three keys to corporate branding staff

The branding staff is no longer an exclusive thing for celebrities and entrepreneurs. Today I deal with the three keys to corporate branding staff, a way to move personal brand management to companies, and specifically their professionals. I heard an interview they did to Brian Fanzo., CEO of ISocialFanz where I liked the … Read more

emotional shareholding

Shareholding emotional perhaps innocently, utopia or path?

Some time ago I recreated this concept of “emotional shareholding” understood as the symbolic co-ownership of a brand or organization. At the end of the month, many articles about employer branding pass through my hands (talent attraction) and about talent retention. I explain it briefly: Talent retention As a concept it seems to me that “Retention … Read more

who's the best spokesman

Who's the best spokesman, the businessman or his people?

When we talk about an organization's best spokesperson, we tend to get confused. We think the best spokesman is the person holding that position. It's not like that.. All professionals in an organization, from its top leader to the intern, are spokespersons for it. Digital humanist Joan Clotet often recounts an anecdote in the formations … Read more

corporate blog mistakes

8 common mistakes in corporate blogs

Although I'm not an online marketing specialist, my own experience of 7 years with soymimarca's blog, one of the corporate blogs of the personal branding, encourage me to suggest some ideas to make this path more bearable. I have seen during these years many mistakes made by improvisation and lack of professionalism, And … Read more

employer branding and vision

No corporate vision no employer branding worth

Just over a year and a half ago I gave a training for one of the world's great consultancy. For me, corporate vision, the purpose, is essential in terms of personal branding and employer branding. The thing is, that company's vision, In 2016 booted with a “be the leaders in…”. All … Read more