Personal Branding online training

What are the advantages of ONLINE digital marketing training, Social Networks and Personal Branding?

    When I was (More) young there was no online training. Nor digital marketing, nor social media, nor personal branding. As Eva Collado says, the world changes. The change has been abysmal. I studied marketing (Conventional, Kotler's) in a school (Esma) that no longer exists. Those two years were very … Read more

EKHuelva18 Personal Brand

Forced to beat motivated by fighting #EKHuelva18 #MarcaPersonal (the story)

Younger people may not remember the great Luis Arribas Castro (Don Pollo), the one who voiced Cadena Ser in Barcelona back in the years 80. That Barcelona hospital, still with strong Franco's heritage, answering, Dangerous, something anarchic, closed to the sea. But very human. I had the honor of seeing live how … Read more

From employees to stakeholders: a branding question, by Guillem Recolons

From employees to stakeholders: A #Branding solution

One of the great challenges of organizations is to get their human capital from employees to stakeholders. The differences are huge, as I've already stated in some post. But don't let anyone get fooled.: in this move must come win both parties at stake; if you don't, It doesn't work. Superpowers I love you for … Read more

10 branding trends for 2010 (based on Brand Lounge)

Es imposible no estar de acuerdo con esta prospectiva de marca elaborada por la prestigiosa consultora de marketing Brand Lounge. Se podía haber traducido, pero no soy nadie para modificar un mm el sentido de sus palabras. There go the 10: 1) Value is the new black. Excessive spending, even on sale items, will continue … Read more

Limitation of thought

Perhaps this time of crisis will allow us to recover old values that we had hidden in some drawer. The phase of the unsused growth of our economy in recent years 30 years comes to an end. Nothing will be so easy from now on, but you have to see the positive part: possibly we dust off the culture of effort, something very useful … Read more

Creativity to define lateral thinking

Stunning video that mixes a definition of lateral thinking by Edward De Bono with the graphic words that flow during the speech. [youtube-] Guillem RecolonsConvened that everything leaves its mark, I help companies better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy … Read more

La segmentación perfecta: Ambient Intelligence

Reproduzco un interesante artículo de of the 4 May

ambientintelligence1Los avances tecnológicos están consiguiendo que el diálogo entre empresas y consumidores se produzca en nuevas dimensiones. El próximo paso en la evolución, los entornos inteligentes, transformarán de forma fundamental las reglas del juego de la comunicación, y del mercado.

No hay nada más interesante para los anunciantes que encontrar new channels para hacer llegar a los consumidores sus mensajes. Para personalizar sus mensajes y enviar ofertas con altas posibilidades de triunfar, las empresas utilizan los rasgos, historial de compras y perfiles de sus clientes. Pero en la mayoría de los casos, estas segmentaciones se basan en suposiciones o en la aplicación de datos estadísticos, con su alto componente de variabilidad. But, In fact, la posibilidad de reaccionar a la necesidad concreta del consumidor en el momento oportuno es muy limitada.

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lateral thinking / guillem recolons

Left hemisphere, right hemisphere, lateral thinking and math

It seems that there is no creativity or lateral thinking in mathematics It was previously common in schools to include activities of creativity or lateral thinking in areas related to artistic education and literature. Little was linked to mathematics, considered to be already closed notions and procedures that the student should … Read more