if I wasn't human

If I wasn't human, surely I would have sung better

This phrase “If I wasn't human, surely I would have sung better” was pronounced by Maria Callas, the best-considered soprano of all time. I had the pleasure of watching the documentary “Maria by Callas” directed by Tom Volf (2017). The funny thing about the documentary is that it's the story of the diva told mostly by herself. Letters from … Read more

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My balance of 2014 it can only be good: I've met great people

My capital facts are not behind signed contracts, of well-done jobs, current affairs, are in people like you, in big people

Human Marketing III: question of trust

The tremendous impact on various social forums that is generating this new twist to marketing (#human marketing) was somewhat predictable, although it does not cease to surprise us the ease and enthusiasm with which this proposal is being assumed that more than changing the point of view that the new marketing has of the new market what … Read more

#lateraltwits 21 Twitter as a teaser

Those of us who have moved in the advertising environment know the magic of teaser. Remember those campaigns with powerful messages that no one signs? That's a teaser. (pronunciese tiser).It is also known as an unknown campaign. It's a preview of a campaign, of a pitch, of an event. Its main function is to create … Read more

What would you put in your skid?

For some reason we don't know, the esquelas are written by others. And they write what they want and what marks a family protocol. Rarely is the emotional legacy of the one who has left reflected.. Look at the most common formulas: “He died a Christian death in Madrid at the age of 86 Years. His wife, siblings, … Read more

What it is and what the personal brand is for

What is the Personal Brand?, What is it for?

We find it interesting to repost this article by Montse Taboada, soymimarca's personal branding coach. In it we find the essence of the personal brand. According to Wikipedia, the Personal Brand (in English Personal Branding) is a concept of personal development consisting of considering yourself as a brand, that like trademarks, must be … Read more