Ladies, gentlemen… the curriculum is dead (or so it seems)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend PERSONAL BRANDING / 1er personal brand management meeting that took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Madrid. Coordinated by Mónica Deza, had excellent speakers: Andrés Pérez Ortega (Own Brand), José Manuel Casado (Married Consulting), Eduardo Garcia Matilla (Multimedia Corporation), Paul Melchior (Honest&Smart), Oscar Bilbao (Heirs … Read more

Fundación Vicente Ferrer

2. In what ways do you create value?

Para una empresa existen muchas formas de crear valor. La originalidad de un producto, a service, o de un proceso productivo pueden ayudar a la compañía a generar valor. ¿Y para una persona? Ayer iniciamos la primera pregunta de esta serie con ¿Qué te hace indispensable?. Para reforzar nuestra marca personal es indispensable crear valor. … Read more

If people haven't heard of you, he'll hardly be able to do business with you

Who knows who you are? Take a test. Put your first and last names quoted on Google and see how many useful or relevant results appear. In the times that run one can not rely solely on the techniques of "networking" tradiconals to meet new people. The meeting of neighbors or friends seems to be … Read more


Guillem RecolonsConvened that everything leaves its mark, I help companies better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy (programs of branded internal ambassadors). Socio of Soymimarca's Integra Personal Branding, Brand Directory of Omnia Branding, I also collaborate with Ponte en Valor, Brandergizers, … Read more

10 branding trends for 2010 (based on Brand Lounge)

Es imposible no estar de acuerdo con esta prospectiva de marca elaborada por la prestigiosa consultora de marketing Brand Lounge. Se podía haber traducido, pero no soy nadie para modificar un mm el sentido de sus palabras. There go the 10: 1) Value is the new black. Excessive spending, even on sale items, will continue … Read more

Tiickr, advertising in exchange for incentives

I literally transcribe an article I collected in about a new formula (very lateral, to my way of seeing) to recruit and retain customers through social media: A few months ago, Alberto Lorente (then marketing director of the mobile operator) had a kind of revelation. I was preparing a little action in which … Read more

Daring to change or let it die

Yesterday we had the opportunity to read the interesting interview in La Vanguardia by Víctor Amela to the advertiser Toni Segarra. Beyond the success stories of some campaigns, Segarra delves into the concept of change and adaptation in a definitive way, as Philip Kotler and Fernando Trias did in their day … Read more

The new consumer

Debido a su interés, reproducimos el artículo de Lucas Carné, Director de Privalia, aparecido hoy en Cinco Días. La democratización de la moda, la economía de escala que ha encontrado su paradigma en internet y la introducción total de las nuevas tecnologías en la vida cotidiana han dado como resultado un nuevo establishment del mercado, … Read more

"Excellent, but not enough" vs NUDGE . Similarities between Edward de Bono and Obama's new sources of inspiration.

In its "new words" message 2 February, Edward de Bono highlights the need to create new words to facilitate language. I am particularly struck by De Bono's reflection on the new word “EBNE” (Excellent, but not enough, "Excellent But Not Enough"). Without that word … Read more

The Year of CREATIVITY: the world needs creative thinking more than even before

The good news is that Edward de Bono has been chosen by the European Union as 'Ambassador for Thinking’ for this year 2009, the year of Creativity. In “Idea Creativity”, his recent January message, bono highlights the difference between artistic creativity and creativity in thinking. Recognizes that the first … Read more