Side thinking applied to drug advertising

In 2006 I had the opportunity to work for a very interesting project promoted by the FOSCAD Foundation (aid against addictions), sponsored by the health council of the Generalitat de Catalunya and with the collaboration of the College of Advertising and PR of Catalonia. It was about calling a contest of posters against cannabis … Read more

“Can”, a real challenge to logical thinking

My friend Enric Climent, photographer and emotion provider via e-mail, sends me this video that shows a real challenge to reason

This story is from an Australian father who made year-over-year Ironman from Australia, and his greatest illusion was to compete next to his son such a test, which – and unfortunately - he was born with cerebral palsy. The Australian never saw his son's situation as an obstacle and trained very strongly – along with your child – for several years until the time has come. The Australian of approximately 60 Years enrolled his son and himself with the Ironman of Australia. This is a test for big people... really people with winning mindsets, Exemplary, and with really strong convictions, and finishing an Ironman is something out of this world. The test is composed of three parts starting almost always at dawn:

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Creativity isn't just thinking about something different. That something must add value.

Effectively, reciting Edward de Bono, generate an idea of a triangular door is something different, but it brings little value. Thanks to technology we can now watch and hear Bono live. Deputy defining this video better than any other lateral thinking.   Guillem RecolonsConvened that everything leaves its mark, I help … Read more

Micro-Marketing, without a doubt the secret of success on the internet


It is clear that we are fully in the age of micro-marketing. The idea of basing a business exclusively on the number of visits is clearly insufficient, and has already been demonstrated in the failure of .com early 2000. So it didn't matter how they got here and what kind they were., the only important thing was to have thousands, millions of visits and paid anything to get them, because having those visits success was guaranteed.

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Rodolfo Chikilicuatre: In defense of notoriety. Freaky is also creative.

Rodolfo Chikilicuatre will finally represent Spain at the Eurovision song contest with the piece “Chiki Chiki”. I've read countless criticisms about the horrendoy, Freak, song and singer. But the truth is that a song that adds up almost 3 millions of google views has to be something special, And it is. … Read more