keys and a professional reinvention story

A key and a story for your next professional reinvention

Over the course of your life, there will be good times and bad times, moments when you'll find yourself invincible and moments when you'll feel defeated and useless. The moments when you think you're invincible don't last long, so you should enjoy them and taste them because you'll soon find something that will remind you … Read more

I want you to excite me

I don't want you to be perfect., I want you to excite me

Perfection or emotion? Celestino Martínez tells us about the importance of first impression on the network and how we can generate valuable content that generates “engagement” among our potential customers.


Don't waste your life trying to be someone else's brand

Celestino Martinez tells us the story of George Gershwin, character who has left a deep mark on the history of American popular music. Your relationship has a message: "Don't be anyone's second mark, be your own brand"

Nina simone

Nina Simone: the personal brand set by adversity

Celestino Martinez discovers Eunice's story, the prodigious pianist who would later change her personal mark towards Nina Simone, a jazz prodigy

the first hero

The first hero of the Twin Towers

Celestino Martinez shares a story about a man who with determination and passion managed to become a legend with just 24 Years.