Feedback (things we don't say to each other and we should)

The things we don't say to each other (we need feedback)

We need feedback, that seems. I recently completed a personal brand consulting process with a unique professional. The truth is that I have greatly enjoyed this process, a case not easy but with a very open person, resolute and research. One of the moments that caught my eye is that, arriving at the 5 Sessions … Read more

imperfect welcome / blog personal branding guillem recolons

Imperfect welcome

Over the past few weeks I've been lucky enough to see people I respect., I admire and with whom, especially, Connect. The curious thing about these meetings is that ideas and projects always arise, some end up materializing and others do not, law of life. One of the patterns of these meetings is governed … Read more

Inspirarse hasta expirar, la necesidad de encontrar la inspiración interior, by Guillem Recolons

Inspired until it expires, aren't we exaggerating?

Lo que en su momento fueron los libros de autoayuda se ha convertido hoy en un fenómeno viral que parece no tener fin. Existen títulos de todos los colores y de todos lo sabores y para todas las dolencias, las del alma y las de los huesos. Si tuviéramos que hacer caso de todos los consejos que nosRead more

Richard Wakefield

I am Syrian

I am Syrian. Richard Wakefield uses a lethal weapon: your creativity, that has moved to 23 advertising giants to face for Syrian refugees

Deshaucios: the big bank misses its chance to improve its brand

If there was a historic moment when the big Spanish bank could make peace with society it was this week. But once again the bank has neither known nor wanted to react to the unhaucious. Can you imagine for a moment that the great bankers come together and propose to amend the mortgage law to avoid … Read more

Happiness after dismissal

It's a topic to talk about dismissal and depression, phases of mourning, of indefinition, Disorientation, Crisis. As Louis Van Gaal would have said, "Always negative". But, What about the positive side of the dismissal? Why do you never talk about people who have discovered that there is a better life behind an ERE? What about all those who, of the … Read more

A sender is useless if there is no receiver

Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible.” – Stephen Hawking Es una de mis frases de mesita de noche. La conservo y la recuerdo a menudo desde que la oí por primera vez en un anuncio inolvidable de BT (British Telecom). Eran los 80, quizás losRead more

Human Marketing V: The fourth C is Communicate

In addition to establishing our personal brand, built and built on real values, and on a vital argument consistent with who we are and with our aspirations, human marketing establishes relationships between people, between personal brands. Both the aspects of visibility and attitude are the basis of a communication strategy. Communication between … Read more

Human Marketing IV: Collaborating is key

We started this fourth installment of "Human Marketing" remembering the four "C": Believe, Trust, Collaborate and Communicate. Today we focus on an important "C", Collaborate. Kotler and his "10 principles of new marketing" must be referenced, in that it cites collaborative marketing and defines it as a marketing that evolves from the transactional (1950) and relational (1980) … Read more