conversation to connect

Conversation to connect: #Networking to project your personal brand

    One of the biggest difficulties in the Internet age is at once one of the greatest opportunities: conversation to connect with the right person. We understand a suitable person for a potential Conversation customer to connect: from bit atoms If we have the practice of chatting to connect in the real world, The … Read more

if you're looking for a job, you go for the 80% hidden offer / guillem recolons

If you're looking for a job, better go for the 80 and forget about 20

It is said that a 80% job offers is not published. If you're looking for a job, Don't you think better to go after the 80 and forget about 20? The past 3 Avilés held an extraordinarily organized personal brand congress by the City Council's Training and Employment team and … Read more

who to follow on social media II, by Guillem Recolons

Who to follow on social networks (Ⅱ)

(Ⅱ) Who to follow in networks: Youtube, Instagram, Google+ If we talk about three social networks the other day as linkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, today we go into YouTube, Instagram and Google+. Each of these networks has different follow-up procedures. Let's see them: YouTube There are several ways to follow a user who gives us value … Read more

Who it is interesting to follow on social networks? blog

Who to follow on social networks (Ⅰ)

(Ⅰ) Who to follow in networks: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook Who can we follow on social media? Obviously whoever we want, but as a general criterion I usually opt for four profiles: to those who can bring us value, to those who help us spread the message, recruiters and those we want to return courtesy, without more. 1. … Read more

Why many business websites go to WordPress blog format?

Something moves when many companies and brands are migrating their websites Monolithic formats like WordPress Blog. We have interesting examples: In our country, even with some shyness, many companies are considering this possibility in the face of the information management advantages that it entails and the best SEO ratios.   Guillem RecolonsConvencido de queRead more

Conference: Is it helpful for a professional to have a personal brand?

Next Monday 24 in the afternoon, at 6pm, at the headquarters of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, a SOYMIMARCA conference/debate will take place in which it is intended to set out the importance and need for professionals to (not just industrial engineers) manage your own brand. The session is … Read more

Something interesting is cooked in the environment of the branding staff

Monday 4 October we'll introduce you to something interesting. Put the radar on. Guillem RecolonsConvened that everything leaves its mark, I help companies better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy (programs of branded internal ambassadors). Socio of Soymimarca's Integra Personal Branding, … Read more

Any tips to survive on LinkedIn (Ⅱ)

As a complement to the post that we published the 21 last June (see post), this time we go into more detail of how to improve networking via LinkedIn. I owe the text to Frank Scipion's blog, I think he's done an excellent job called “Vitamin cure for your LinkedIn profile“. … Read more


Networking 05 / Smile!

Smile Smiles, Please. This is a simple and basic principle of personal branding, and a lot of people skip it. Nobody likes to do business with someone who frowns. It's easier to build up working relationships with someone who says good morning with a smile. This basic rule was created in 1936 By … Read more

Networking 04 / Let's be generous with information

Information is one of the most precious resources. Often we are so jealous of our work or our method that everything stays home. My advice is to share information. If we do, we'll get a WOM (mouth-ear, to understand us) interesting that in the end it will benefit us. Suggestions, Ideas, open debates, everything goes to help someone … Read more