problem with seniors in Spain

But, well… what's going on in Spain with the seniors?

It will be because I belong to the category of seniors and I never talk about it, today I want to address a complex issue that mixes big problems with great opportunities. If you're short on time, I invite you to watch this video summary in a minute. At what age are professionals considered seniors? I remember playing with friends … Read more

EKHuelva18 Personal Brand

Forced to beat motivated by fighting #EKHuelva18 #MarcaPersonal (the story)

Younger people may not remember the great Luis Arribas Castro (Don Pollo), the one who voiced Cadena Ser in Barcelona back in the years 80. That Barcelona hospital, still with strong Franco's heritage, answering, Dangerous, something anarchic, closed to the sea. But very human. I had the honor of seeing live how … Read more

triggering career

What's the trigger for your career?

Why did you study what you studied? why did you start your first job in that company? When I ask about the career trigger people usually go blank. The usual answer, when it emerges, it's "I don't know". “I studied that because that's what I was best at.”. Or "it was the first company that I … Read more

Have you discovered your superpowers? TEDxLleida with Guillem Recolons

And you? Have you discovered your superpowers already? #TEDxLleida16

Superpowers? What's this about? The 30 September I get a call from someone with superpowers. Ricard Pons, good friend and personal brander, in addition to other non-minor roles. We usually talk from time to time, and see us when you can. He proposes me for a TEDx of speaker. I don't believe it. Why me? Oysters! Seems … Read more

knowmads holiday /

Knowvacations, the holidays of the knowmads

Do people who work on various collaborative projects take vacations?? The answer is yes, unequivocally. Although it may be a different holiday, somewhat deconstructed, in stages and with many moments of total disconnection but without breaking the thread. It's the knowmads' holiday. Knowmads To know what a knowmad is, I recommend, Yes … Read more

personal communication and personal branding /

Managing our personal communication

If we accept that personal branding is the footprint we leave on others, we should distinguish between our public communication area (the one we know about us and know others in our environment), our blind area (others know her and we don't) and our secret area (we know her, others don't). Only then will we improve … Read more

#11s2013 Communication and countercommunication: swords aloft

Are the communication cabinets getting their strategy right after the Via Catalana?? Is there no tactics more than strategy?? Where will this end??