execution of ideas, best with seniors

Ideas are great, but its execution is everything (and in that the seniors are great)

This week I recalled something that happened very often in the golden age of advertising agencies: Hundreds of new ideas were generated each week. The truth, However, is that very few came to its execution. The drawers of the agencies were full of good ideas, abandoned until they came … Read more

how they analyze your resume based on the team's generation

How your resume is analyzed #empleo #marcapersonal

Send your CV, hopeful that the person who will read it has mental schemes similar to yours. How they analyze your resume depends on many variables, I defend that attitude is the primary, pero no podemos negar que los estereotipos de la edad pueden ser determinantes. La pregunta es ¿Tiene la misma miradaRead more

stupidity of stereotypes in personal brand / guillemrecolons.com blog

#Personal Brand and the Stupidity of Stereotypes

I understand sociologists. In fact, en mi “CV de errores” estaría no haber optado por sociología como carrera universitaria, especially knowing that I would devote more than 20 years to advertising. One of the favorite obsessions of this collective of sociologists is to classify ourselves into groups of similar behaviors or behavior patterns. ResultaRead more