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Who to follow on social networks (Ⅰ)

(Ⅰ) Who to follow in networks: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook Who can we follow on social media? Obviously whoever we want, but as a general criterion I usually opt for four profiles: to those who can bring us value, to those who help us spread the message, recruiters and those we want to return courtesy, without more. 1. … Read more

A brand on Twitter Danger or Opportunity?

Collecting data from the network, we see that almost a 20% Twitter's private users follows some trademark. The reasons for doing so can be very diverse: Emotional connection to the brand (positive experiences, Advertising…) Stay informed of the news of each brand; Products, Events, Fairs… Watch if the competition is treated. There too … Read more

#lateraltwits 27 Twitter as a fairplay formula (end of saga)

We've already talked more than once about Twitter's famous fairplay. But I summarize it to you in a few places for a better understanding: Go on and on, you'll be followed. Don't pretend to have 1.000 followers if you're not famous and you don't follow anyone. What's reasonable about this microblogging network is to have a balance between followers … Read more

#lateraltwits 26 Twitter as a means of recruiting people

I hope the companies that are engaged in HR do not be angry with me, but the truth is that Twitter is gradually becoming an interesting networking and recruitment tool “Talent”. I was able to check it in person when two clients asked me to locate very certain profiles with a haste … Read more

#lateraltwits 25 Twitter as a referral forum

While it's true that Twitter doesn't want to compete with Foursquare, day by day has become an interesting forum for recommendations. There are no excessive differences with classic forums, because placing a hashtag is very easy to follow the forum. If you want to know if a restaurant is interesting, or a play … Read more

#lateraltwits 24 Twitter as a witness from day to day

Many people think that Twitter only serves to text up 140 Characters. Fewer people know that links can be added. And even fewer people know that Tweets can incorporate photography or video. Well, I don't see it.! No, it's not like other Facebook-type networks where you see the photo on-site. The … Read more

#lateraltwits 23 Twitter as an error

This post will create more than one enemy, I'm conscious. Error 1: use Twitter as the one who uses an instant messaging program, noting that your message can be read by thousands of people who don't have time to read stupid things. Life must not be tweeted. Giving the good morning, explain that … Read more

#lateraltwits 22 Twitter as an open book

This week we've been on two news stories “Pump” they show that Twitter is really like an open book. On the one hand, Mr.. David Bisbal screwed up to the bottom with a tweet mourning that in Egypt the pyramids had no visitors these days. Of course, with which it is falling into … Read more

#lateraltwits 20 Twitter as a web symbol 2.0

Follow whoever follows you (except spamers), create ready to follow more closely the people you're interested in, retwite what you see interesting - sharing is one of the symbols 2.0-, many @respuestas indicate open and close-minded, Twitter is addictive so set it a schedule, always leaves 20 free space characters for … Read more