Keys to
Attract Talent
2022 (Ebook)

The Employer Branding collaborative ebook

Brand, Loyalty, Attraction

Brand, Loyalty, Attraction, these are the three keys that this ebook deals with, an order of factors essential to successfully face an Employer Branding program.

Your people are your brand

This is the new mantra of companies, those who internalize it, develop and project, Have “more luck” than those that do not.

This ebook is the result of an Employer Branding congress called “Attract Talent” which took place online in November 2021.

3D cover ebook Keys to attract talent in 2022

The authors

Guillem Recolons: (tune the employer brand), Juan Martínez de Salinas (Talent loyalty) And Nilton Navarro (Talent Attraction) are the authors of “Keys to Attracting Talent in 2022”

For whom

Managers of People and Talent in organizations and all those passionate about talent who need to see how people are the great drivers of brand and business

Reading time

Its close to 100 pages allow you to read it in an afternoon. Another thing is the application of the recommendations to prepare the brand, build talent loyalty and attract it, that may take a few months

Value Proposal

This ebook includes vision and experience of a Branding specialist, a specialist in people and a specialist in digital talent selection techniques

Attract Talent Course

If you prefer, you can enroll in the online course “Attract Talent” that collects 18 videos of approx 15 minutes each with the presentations of the congress. Here you have the page of the online course Attract Talent.