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Send your CV, hopeful that the person who will read it has mental schemes similar to yours. How they analyze your resume depends on many variables, I defend that attitude is the primary, but we cannot deny that age stereotypes can be decisive. The question is Does the same look of your resume have a recruiter baby Boomer generation (50-70), Gen X (35-50) or a Gen Y Millennial (20-35)?

I must confess that I am not a recruiter, Headhunter, nethunter, Headhunter, employer or anything like that. I also confess that the CV seems to me to be part of the story. But as a consultant in personal branding and as a person connected to many recruiters I have conducted a little research to know how the interpretation of that piece of paper changes according to different generational prisms.

The first surprise is that I haven't found much literature about it., so I've dedicated to interviewing and reading recruiters with different profiles to try to come up with conclusions that can be useful for anyone in selection processes.

I want to thank Pedro Rojas for asking me the challenge of such an original question that it will be debated at a round table on Tuesday 12 July 2016 in Barcelona Activa, also with the presence of Arancha Ruiz, good friend and colleague in these lides of the personal brand. Although the original question I was asking @seniormanager refers to “How each of the four generations recruiters your CV”, I've focused on the three generations that today actively recruit (Baby boomers, Gen X y Gen Y) since the Silent Generation (+ of the 70 Years) or Gen Z (less than 20 Years) there's not the market.

How baby boomers analyze your resume

the vision of a resume from a baby boomerBaby boomer priority

The baby boomer with baby boomer spirit responds to a person's profile 50 And 70 that the first thing you'll value on your resume is the experience Accumulated, and accumulated rowing because there is an important quantitative variable. That indicates that if you were lucky enough to know in advance if your resume will go into the hands of this recruiter profile try to place the experience in 1st place on your resume.

If you've ever seen a job offer written like that: “He is looking for a junior programmer analyst of no more than 22 years with 5 years of experience for immediate incorporation into the aeronautical sector multinational” don't hesitate, that's the work of a baby boomer.

As for the languages, they value them but without being an obsession. I mean, if the job doesn't require them here or look at it.

Training seen by a baby boomer

The baby boomer will value where you've formed more than what you've studied. This profile attaches great importance to the prestige of the academic environment, and prioritize a postgraduate degree at ESADE or the IE that a full degree in the Complutense.

Values in the baby boomer prism

There are three basics when reviewing a resume: Discipline, specialization and social environment.

  • Discipline: refers to the way a resume is presented, the writing style, More Formal, the order of the factors.
  • Specialization: The baby boomer generation is that of the Specialization, give a lot of importance to that point.
  • Social environment: they are concerned about the type of family, The hobbies, cultural traditions, Religious. It's not like that should show up on a resume., but let's be sure it will appear in the interview.

digital baby boomer attitude

It's certainly not a digital generation, and rather value discretion, so brag about having a blog or various network profiles (even if they are well managed and obey rigorous planning) it's not always interesting under this prism.

The digital skills of this group are minimal or basic, which indicates that it's the generation that appreciates the paper CV format the most + Interview + traditional references (understood as a phone call to an ex-boss or ex-mentor).

They do little to track the network, but if they do, it would be very shocking to discover someone talking about “the four forbidden” (Football, Sex, Policy, Religion) controversially in an open network. Could be cause for immediate exclusion.

Recruiter baby boomer specialization

More traditional profiles, as CFOs, HR. Hh. (the old-fashioned way), CEOs… They would hardly deal with a position like Growth Hacker.

How Generation X analyzes your RESUME

The vision of a resume from a Generation X recruiterRecruiter X's Priority

Generation X with Generation X spirit responds to a person's profile 35 And 50 What the first thing you'll value on your resume is your competencies, and Soft above the Hard. Key point for them, are the generation of skills. In this sense, putting them ahead of the experience won't be a bad idea. With the Soft I mean the competences related to communication and assertiveness, as teamwork, Empathy, emotional intelligence, Presentations, Oratory…

Let's note that Generation X is the majority today in selection, so if you don't know in advance the profile of the person who will take a look at your CV, by default thinks it's Generation X.

They value languages, but being a generation in which languages were not trunks in their education give them importance depending on the position to be filled.

Training seen by a generation X

Unlike the baby boomer, generation X he cares about degrees, because they relate them directly to competencies, its driving axis of decision. Having a study at one or the other centre is not decisive unless required by the company offering the job.

Values in the prism of generation X

There are three basics of this generation when it comes to reviewing a cv: Commitment, effort and open-minded:

  • Commitment: referred to the idea that the position can be long-lasting and it will require more than just leaving 8 hours a day in it.
  • Effort: this generation values even more hours worked that the goals met, so phrases like that “full disposition” can be valued well on a resume.
  • Open mind: It's a generation without prejudice, or at least with less prejudice than the previous generation. Sex, social status, origin… are by no means decisive.

Digital attitude recruiter generation X

Nor is it a digital generation, but they are handled well in most digital competencies. If we had to summarize in one word the digital attitude of this generation with regard to CV and job search, I wouldn't have any doubts: Linkedin (and professional networks in general).

They don't value a resume without first or after contrasting it with the Linkedin profile. So if you do not have profile, is incomplete or inactive you see thinking about taking a turn to the situation, since this point may not be 100% determining but in case of two similar proposals the candidate with a good profile on Linkedin will take the job.

With respect to other social networks, Blogs, Etc, don't seem to them in general that they should be factors of choice or rejection in a selection. This is a generation that still values discretion.

Recruiter X Specialization

Profiles Multipurpose. They're covering all areas, and often use techniques reverse mentoring (a mixed selection between Gen X and Millennial) to cover positions such as that of Growth Hacker Or SEO Manager.

How millennials analyze your resume

The vision of a resume from a millennial recruiterMillennial Priority (o Generation Y)

The millennial carries in his backpack the millennial spirit and responds to a person's profile 20 And 35 that the first thing that Valued on your resume is your digital life and your ability to move in a global environment and liquid.

Languages are a must, but not because they are treasured but because they are necessary communication variables in a necessarily global environment. Millennial believes that the services and products that are generated should be prepared for global environments, and hence the dominance of at least 2/3 languages is indispensable.

Training seen by a millennial

What really matters to a millennial above degrees and prestige of the centers is the ability to adapt to liquid environments of candidates, and in this sense they understand training as something necessarily linked to the practice. In short, fewer titles and more stages internships (and if these are in different countries, Best).

Millennial lives the moment more, doesn't believe much in long-term planning, are uns materialistic, so the accumulated titles are not useful if they don't translate into real competencies for the position they're looking for. Training in digital skills is supposed to be, so watch that.

Values in the millennial prism

There are many values that sponsor this generation, but for a resume we will highlight dynamism, naturalness and ethical commitment:

  • Dynamism: Liquid environments require flexibility, speed and little attachment. They have broken the limiting beliefs of previous generations and know that age is not a determining factor of success. There is Zuckerberg and many others who have challenged the establishment making a fortune before the 30.
  • Natural: in the sense of Authenticity, to show our most human side without putting on masks that make us look like what we're not. Mistakes, defects, falls shape our professional DNA. Unlike baby boomers or Gen Xers, millennials positively value that a candidate has failed: you know that certain places won't happen again.
  • Ethical commitment: The idea of “it's not all worth it” it's a millennial flag: personal social responsibility is valued, And a lot: Volunteering, healthier life (Sports, Power…), so don't stop including those elements in your resume.

Digital Millennial attitude recruiter

It's digital generation, many don't understand the world without the bits. They grew up with a personal computer, game consoles and at a very young age they were put a smartphone and tablet in their hand.

They usually chat on many social networks, but their preferences are visual and audiovisual like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. Let's have no doubt that they will search for our blog and profiles on networks, but not so much to see how are but how we interact.

Follow them and they'll follow you, But don't harass them, they'll know how to find your value proposition without your help.

Millennial recruiter specialization

Today, millennial recruiter specializes in mirror profiles: other millennials, digital positions, Technological, Ethical… Perhaps it makes sense to think that a millennial today would not be the official recruiter to fill a position as CFO at a pharmaceutical company, but it's the ideal one to hire a Funnel Analyst Or Big Data Analyst.

And let's not forget that millennials can be part of a team with other recruiters from other generations to contribute their grain of sand and to Scan digitally to the candidate.


I warmly thank the time I spent as a selection experts Maribel Vioque (Executive Search, BACc), Eva Collado (Net hunter, personal brander and specialist in multipurpose profiles) And Mariona Gonzalez (Talent Search AdQualis). I also thank Victor Candel, one of the best specialists in e-recruitment, because of the high-value information on your blog and Elena Arnaiz because of his point of view 100% millennial selection. You see that how people of different generational spirits analyze your resume can be decisive. And let's remember that “you are hired” And “you are fired” there's only one letter of difference.

I Uploaded presentation to Slideshare, containing a very graphic comparative scheme on the different profiles of recruiters. I look forward to your comments, I'm sure they'll add light to the writing.

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20 thoughts on "How your resume is analyzed #empleo #marcapersonal”

  1. A very good compilation work, from good sources (I think the best), and also necessary, much-needed. I thank you for the effort and the work.
    That said,, I must also say that I am disappointed (and if I sharpen a little even it bothers me) that this type of work focuses on a classification of topics (out of demographics) without giving the slightest place that people are variable, we evolve and that we adapt and even anticipate what comes. Maybe it would have been better to use another definition, something like classic recruitment, contemporary and the future. Thus, you would unlink a natural fact (age of the one who does it) in a way of understanding this profession (Hr) And, passing through, you can complete it with that the culture of the company in which you are going to stop will be the one that marks the type of recruitment and selection. There are tencological start-ups that are very classic in their approaches to people management, and other companies with more than 100 years of life, who are genuinely revolutionary.
    Anyway,, you know I admire you, and I still think this article is a must. A hug.

    • Hello Xavier, and a thousand thanks for your comment. I agree with the topics, that's why at the beginning of the post I include a link to this writing: where I make it clear that I don't believe in systems that classify (Label) by age. Throughout the text, I insist several times on “…people with baby boomer spirit” so that no one without that spirit feels identified.

      I'll send you a hug from the bits (and see if one day we'll pass it to coffee)

      The funny thing is that I, born in 1962 and therefore baby boomer according to age, I did this test and it turns out that my DNA is a 94% Millennial. But like everything, statistics is statistics, and although you can never generalize there are patterns of behavior

  2. Dear Guillem, we don't know each other but I'd like to congratulate you on this writing. Although I'm working in an organization, I consider myself in active job search, since my current position is far from being by far the one I think I can occupy.

    I had never repaired the importance of the recruiter's profile, but reading the article I realize that it really matters. My profile is Generation X, so I hope my resumes fall into your hands once you've incorporated the “tips” you recommend.

    I hope you don't mind if I don't sign with my real name., I think in my current company they wouldn't understand. Congratulations and above all, thank you for these tips, that are not free and whose effort is behind your little research.

    Charlotte M.

    • One thing we agree on, Carlota: we should always be on active search: employment, customers, ideas… I understand that your company can be a little married and that this kind of thing doesn't like them, but we're in places on an interim basis, and fixed work is mutating to project work.

      Thank you for your congratulations, it's definitely the best part of this page. Greetings and luck!


  3. Excellent work, Master; Detailed, deep and enlightening. It promotes and guides very well the self-management in key impact of that still essential tool called CV… On this side it's still a MUST. Strong transocean embrace for you! Congratulations!

  4. Hello Guillém,
    the first thing is to congratulate you on the post, but I disagree on some claims, since I've been working at HR for years and I've met and I'm still, different age and different stylers when it comes to facing a resume or job interview, so I don't think their styles depend on what generation they were born, but rather your background or your expertise in the field.
    Thank you very much and I hope to continue reading such interesting articles.

    Jorge Lancha
    Talent Manager at Wesser

    • Thank you Jorge, I know you can't generalize or stereotype, I'm quite an enemy of that.. Nor does my little research have enough basis to be a TFG or a doctoral thesis. But the people I interviewed have been in HR for years. Hh. And they have under their supervision teams of different generations that have allowed them to generate certain patterns. I stay more with the spirit than with the age-appropriate group. Thank you so much for writing! A greeting!

  5. Excellent input, Guillem.
    Actually,, your research helps energize the CV.
    Thank you for sharing.
    A cordial greeting.

    • True to 100% Elia. What has encouraged me to do so is that there are several million terabytes about the profile you are looking to recruit and few bytes about “the other side”. Thank you so much for writing!


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