Why corporate communication should be humanized?, by @FranSegarraB

This week I'm in luck. My guest on the show #Collaborating WithGuillem is a good friend, partner Get in Valor, personal brand expert, Psychologist, humanizer, podcaster, co-author of the blog Soymimarca (With 30 Articles), walker and a beach volleyball phenomenon, he is Fran Segarra

And Fran deals with a subject that I am passionate about, which is the necessary humanization of organizations that aspire to survive in this shifting world., inattentive and increasingly automated.

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A few lines to get to know Fran better

Fran Segarra is presented on his website in a minimalist way: I research the power of human connection in business. That simple, so clear.

If I had to define Fran in two words, I would have them clear: "The Humanizer". But it is also "professional glue" and as proof, Your Personal Branding Word, where it collects personal branding professionals from all over the world. And he is also a thinker., creating their own personal brand management methods.

As advice, I advise you to complement the reading of this article with the informal talk that we have had in the podcast Everything leaves a Mark regarding why corporate communication should be humanized.

And now, without further ado., I leave you with Fran and her contribution in this blog.

Do you have little time? Here is my video-summary of 1 Minute (in Spanish):

It is likely that your corporate communication is not existing

Globalization and digitalization present us with a complex context for communication. Paradoxically, this hyper-connected context increases our communication capacity, but at the same time dilutes it in the competition with a huge amount of messages that are constantly issued.

That's why there's a high probability that your communication is equivalent to non-existent., just because no one is listening to her.

Fran Segarra

Brands (personal and corporate) are forced, not just to compete against the elements of a new communicative environment full of volatility, uncertainty and complexity, but also, they must compete against themselves, working to create strong communications, Clear, Simple, and that also, capture attention

Fran Segarra
Fran Segarra

In this Post, I already reflected on precisely that: the importance of having a plan so that branding and corporate communication are socially intelligent. The key is to be clear how we are going to manage efficient communication, in the face of the volatility of a globalized context.

Digital communication: a new psychological context

"Companies that don't realize their markets are now interconnected person-to-person, and consequently becoming more intelligent and deeply united in conversation, they are missing their best opportunity."  

Cluetrain Manifesto (Thesis 18)

I begin this point by quoting thesis number 18 of the Cluetrain Manifesto, because it perfectly defines the new context where communication is born, Grows…and reproduces. And it's just that strategic communication must be integrated into a world of new psychological meanings.

How has our mind reacted to this new context?? The answer is as simple as it is complex: new psychological structures have been born that make everything different when developing and communicating our message. Some of the new psychological dimensions* are: 

  • In the cognitive dimension, a global awareness has been generated. A perceptual change by the fact of feeling part of humanity; interest in global issues, because technology has allowed us to activate our attention to them.
  • In the affective dimension, a sensitivity and sympathy towards other people, especially those from disadvantaged countries; the sufferings and injustices suffered by other human beings, perhaps distant, that now come to us and move us. An obvious example is how we have turned to the current war in Ukraine..
  • In the behavioural dimension, a tendency to develop responsible behaviors with respect to the rest of humanity has been born, especially towards those countries and communities that suffer from the most serious ills (poverty, war, diseases such as AIDS) and willingness to assist them.

*The information on these three points is extracted from the research article "Towards a social psychology of globalization" of Javaloy, Dogwood, Rodriguez, Espelt, and Sheep, (2008).

The key to corporate communication in the coming times: human being

The key to corporate communication in the coming times, from my point of view, it's going to be the creation of simple messages, forceful and loaded with human connection. That will be essential for our message to have any option to matter to someone.

Just a human message, Shocking, memorable, person-to-person and "straight to the heart", is able to function as a lever on the dimension of the most powerful communication that exists: The emotion.

Thanks to that human impact, we will be able to provide more clarity to corporate communication. And not only at the market level, but also internally, increasing the positive valuation of the brand with respect to its employees, and also to the talent outside.

In a digital and hyper-connected era, the ability of any business to create human communication represents a competitive advantage that enables you to make your message stand out from the rest. The data, innovation, digitalization and technological development are the territory. But we must not forget that people are the ones who draw the maps.

If you want to listen to it, here's the episode 70 from the podcast Todo Deja Marca, In iVoox, Spotify And Apple Podcast.

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