Companies, do they communicate effectively with their people?

We make it easy to know what percentage of companies communicate effectively with their professional. Fear of responding to anonymous surveys has been lost, and the mis-called “Employees” -how I hate that word- prefer to be more transparent than before.

This data could be irrelevant, but in the middle of the era of Employee Brand Advocacy is entirely relevant. It is because a CEO cannot require his people to act as positive ambassadors for the company or its brand. (brand advocates) without first sharing key information. And not without allowing them an adequate development of their personal brand.

Companies suspend internal communication

Indeed,, And with suspense I do not mean to share the information that everyone can see on a website. I mean knowing the medium-term objectives of the company and its brands.

Just one 42% Know the objectives of the company

The data, Excerpted from a company study Weber Shandwick Collected the report Employees Rising, on a basis of 2.300 professionals working in companies +500, is eye-opening.

employees rising
Source: Weber Shandwick

The same study indicates that the worst flow of information occurs from the CEO down. (just one 17%) compared to that of an immediate supervisor (31%).

The utopia of engaged employee Between the chaos of communication

The companies heavenly music sounds them that from “engaged employee” (Active and committed employee, Natural spokesperson of the company). But in a context of poor communication that is a utopia..

¿How the company can expect more active participation from its people in building the brand without sharing the most basic information about the medium-term objectives of the same?

And what's worse, ¿How the company can expect more active participation from its people without giving anything in return?

Help in the reinforcement of the personal brand

A few days ago I wrote in the blog of Soymimarca that the employer branding (Promotion of the employer brand to attract external talent) It is an investment without return if you do not first invest in who is already inside.

To people they are not retained, It also doesn't stop. The framework must be created for them to develop their personal brand. With information, with training, with mentored programs, with participation in decision-making, with own signature in corporate media, both internal and external.

The human side of branding

Curiously, The word branding (Brand building process) is more associated with iconic elements – the brand, The field of meanings, Internal communication, advertising, Public relations, The Manual of Style…- than to people. Error.

Branding necessarily has a human component. The true transmitters of values and trust are within.

Two days ago I heard Micky Ribera, CEO of Bee[Agency], that today selling brands is selling smoke. At first it may seem shocking. But he's right., Brands should not be sold, They must trust that role in the marketing of products and services. The role of the brand is not to sell, is building bridges, is to build trust, From you to you, Humanizing, Connecting.

To do this, it is imperative that quality communication flows from the CEO to the intern. This ensures that the potentiating actions Employee Engagement and Employer Branding are effective.

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2 thoughts on "Companies, do they communicate effectively with their people?”

  1. Interesting reflections, that help us understand the evolution of management in the XXI century, that is focusing mainly on the role of the employee, as it is the only strategic asset, that a company can mold to its liking.

    • Certain John, And I would add that in addition to the fact that the company can mold the employee to his liking, He can also do it with the company. And I think that's the main advance.. Thank you so much for writing!


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