Nokia's sres Can I now use the slogan “Connecting People”?

Brands come and go. Even the largest suffer from implausible mutations. The mobile division of Nokia, recently acquired by the giant Microsoft.

It's true, Nokia, on mobile issue, was lately cloaked drop. But I must remember that very few years ago Nokia was the king of the mambo of mobile telephony. In 2007 The European Brand Institute published the news that Nokia was Europe's most valuable brand. I, after testing several brands, I ended up falling in love with Nokia towards 1998. Had 4 wonderful terminals. They had no rival. Simple operating system, call quality, good coverage, reasonable size, clear keyboard and, the most important thing, two iconic elements of the brand that I don't know if they will continue with Microsoft's new stage, but they're the real brand capital:

  1. The slogan: Connecting people. Simple, Of course, Direct, Minimalist. One of the best in the history of advertising, No doubt. With 20 years of validity (how many marks have endured so long a claim?), I haven't been able to find its author, but I congratulate you from the heart. As the people of Nokia say, “connecting people” it's not just a phrase or slogan, it's a corporate mission, and hence its success.
  2. Characteristic tuning (Click Here), a natural brand identifier that became a benchmark. The curious? It's up to the bars 13-16 guitar solo Great Waltz of the Spanish guitarist and composer Francisco Tárrega, written in 1902. Screenshot 2013-09-04 In the(s s) 17.34.43

I don't want to go into the reasons that have led Nokia to part with its telephony division. (it's clear that Gates' financial offer was tempting), although I bet the onsa rise of Apple With Ios (i) subsequently from Google With Android they have a lot to do with.

Perhaps now that Nokia wants to focus its activity on renewable activities it will consider changing the “Connecting People” for a “Long life for our planet”. In that case, I still borrow the “Connecting People” to work in personal branding. Do you think they'd let me?

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