What is your personal brand legacy??

When you talk about Legacy, Many think about money, properties, in an inheritance. Many think of something that happens once you have left this world.

The legacy of personal branding, Unlike the other based on tangible goods, It is an extraordinary intangible, It is what you are leaving or that you have left. You don't need to be dead to leave a legacy. Barack Obama, Maribel Verdú, Joan Manuel Serrat, Alexia Putellas, Ken Follet or Jacinta Arden, to give some examples, They are great legacies of people who are still with us..

Here's one way you can work on your personal brand legacy.. And I also "give" you the legacy of a great friend and humanist of branding in the form of an ebook.

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What is personal brand legacy??

In the book "If you don't contribute, you don't matter" I explain the hexagon of the personal brand. And there, The final stretch is the legacy. I define it like this: 

It is the essence of the brand we leave, that often survives us. I guess you've heard of the great soprano Maria Callas. Her legacy is, in my humble opinion, that of a woman who exchanged a wonderful voice for the ephemeral happiness of love., and what he left (Legacy) It is arguably the most passionate and human operatic musical performance in history.

In the same book, There is a glossary of terms that includes a definition of Francisco Warden (Learning from the best, FAST GOOD management...) Excellent: 

Leadership: Ability to convert a vision (Dream) in a reality (fact). Leadership is doing things (good) Occur. Leadership is the union of results and values. Leadership is exerting a positive influence on our environment. Leadership is improving the world. Leadership greatness is measured by its Legacy.

The last sentence is worthy of being carved in stone: 

The greatness of leadership is measured by its legacy.

Francisco Warden

Legacy is linked to the goal, the plan, Implementation and achievement

Effectively, The legacy must always be linked to a goal, A plan, its implementation and results (The achievement). But — and this is important — it must also be linked to a positive contribution to humanity., just like a purpose.

I explain myself. Gandhi or Nelson Mandela is a legacy. Hitler's is an atrocity, or if you want, An anti-legacy.

I think it's interesting that there is value brought to one community without going against another.. Putin will leave behind the same footprint as Hitler, while Zelenskiy will leave the legacy of having done the impossible to maintain a free Ukraine., whether or not he wins the war.

How to work on personal brand legacy

If you often read the blog of Andrés Pérez Ortega (I advise you), He insists that leaving a mark, Legacy, It's easy with minimal discipline. It is not easy for a publisher to publish five books, like him, but it is self-publishing many others, And indeed he is.

Who has been a mother or father already leaves a legacy. These children have written in their DNA the forms of their parents.

Create a podcast, or intervene in one, Writing letters to a journal, appear on a local radio or TV station. Many ask what do I say? Very simple, You know things that few people know, You do things that few do, Every person has a story to tell.

What legacy would you like to leave to the world??

Here are some keys that can facilitate the answer to this question: 

Identify your purpose, Values and passions: The first step to leaving a good legacy is to know what is important to you and what you are passionate about.. Ask yourself what you want the world to remember about you and what changes you would like to see in the world..

Look for opportunities to make a difference: Look for ways to positively impact your community and the world at large. This may include getting involved in charities., Volunteering, creating educational or inspirational content. I assure you that there are few things that feed the soul like that..

Be a role model: Parea leave a positive legacy, It is critical that you behave consistently with your values and principles.. Work hard to improve your own life and the lives of others. Remember that without the first you cannot do the second: You must take care of yourself to take care of yourself.

Teach others: Share your knowledge and experience with others. This can be through teaching, Tutoring, or simply sharing your ideas and perspectives with those around you. Social networks, blogs, Podcast, Etc. are excellent platforms to do so. And out there they say that we are what we share.

Think long-term: Rome was not built in a day. A true legacy is not built overnight, but through consistent actions and over time. Think about how your actions and decisions may impact the world in the future and work toward a long-term goal. You need vision: Where do you want to go in 5 Years, In 10, In 15, In 20?

At the end, Legacy is the result of an activated purpose

I have already told you about purpose several times in this blog: 

And if you remember, mine is "Transforming lives, inspire ideas, help draw futures". I defined it many years ago, And I could say that I have been consistent. When that consistency of purpose is maintained over time, Legacy is achieved.

Many people I've helped, in consulting, Training, Conferences, with my contents, I've been told I've inspired them to change., or I have transformed their lives, or that I have helped them design their professional future through personal branding.

That's why I think legacy is the result of an activated purpose.. And I insist on the "activated". A pretty phrase hanging on a wall is useless.

The legacy of Enrique Rueda Salgado, @doctorbrandorg

And now comes the gift. Just over five years ago, a cancer took my good friend and great humanist specialized in branding and art Enrique Rueda Salgado.

From the Soymimarca website, where he wrote several posts in his last three years, I talked to his sister Marta in case she was okay with compiling those articles.. And from there was born the ebook "PersonArt Branding, the mark left by Enrique Rueda @doctorbrandorg", that you can download without cost or registration from the Soymimarca blog.

Marta Rueda Salgado has agreed to prolong the ebook, A short prologue, Nice, Sense, vital. Enrique's legacy, Kike or DoctorBrand stands because he worked it all his life. Click on the book to go to the download page.

PersonArt Branding ebook with texts by Enrique Rueda Salgado
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