Find out what your personal brand is before you jump into social media

You know it? What's your personal brand?

If you already know what's your personal brand, Congratulations. You're in a position to define goals, business model, value proposition, messages and throw yourself into any ring to communicate it.

Yes, on the contrary, You don't know what your personal brand is, that mark you leave on others, you need to activate. I explain why with a little metaphor:

Let's go to the doctor

You can go to the doctor for several reasons, preventive or curative. Let's say the vast majority of medical visits are due to a problem we suffer as patients (Healing).

Well, imagine you get to the doctor and tell him you're sick and you ask for a prescription.. Your doctor won't extend any prescriptions (Treatment) because first you need to know the diagnosis.

Diagnosing our brand from time to time helps us get to know each other better

You need a diagnosis to know what your personal brand is. And for that there's nothing like asking. I usually propose two ways to do it:

Ask others for feedback

It's the most reliable thing, is based on the true personal brand, the impression we leave on others, perceived identity. The way to manage it is simple: You can do it over the phone, by mail, or better, anonymously through a Google Form.

What to ask to know what your personal brand is? You can ask to be defined in three words, explaining what you're a competent person on, how you can improve. If you have people in your care you can ask about your ability to lead, to make decisions, delegate.

Who to ask? To your stakeholders. Clients enter here, Collaborators, professional colleagues, fellow students and - why not- Family.

I advise you to read Smart Feedback (Naomi Vico, Jane and Rosa Rodríguez del Tronco, LID 2017) to manage your feedback comme il faut.

Self-image tests

Unlike feedback, the self-image test generates a representation on oneself based on what we have answered in a test.

Among the most interesting would be DISC, Crystal Knows (based on DISC), the test Emotional Intelligence and brand archetypes How to Fascinate.

I'd do them all.. Please note that DISC comes at a cost, but it's extraordinarily reliable. The more information you have about yourself and what your personal brand is, Best.

I've got it, And now?

It's time to define your Personal SDSO. Internal information (weaknesses and strengths) you already have it thanks to feedback and self-image tests. There's work left on the outside (threats and opportunities) with the help of data, research and everything at your fingertips.

With DAFO ready, you can delve into your personal strategy and then into your communication and networking plan. That's what we'll talk about later.. A greeting and happy week!

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  • Tuesday 23 October 9 2 p.m., new edition of the Knowmad Space, this time in Cadiz, with my colleagues Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Elena Arnaiz, Susana Beato, Lola Rueda and the great David Barreda. Free assistance.
  • Thursday 25 October 12 5pm, Workshop on personal branding (Free) at the University of Girona, Montilivi campus.
  • Thursday 25 October 18 9 p.m., Personal Branding Class (1 of the 2) at Tecnocampus UPF Mataró. Postgraduate degree in Social Media and Digital Marketing.
  • Friday 26 October at 5 p.m. (Spain): Webinar about Personal Political Branding delivered with Nancy Vazquez For Quifer Consultants
  • Saturday 27 October at 11am, in the Prince's Room of Barcelona Meeting Point, I give talk on personal branding for the real estate sector. Registration Here.

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