Personal Branding in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Threat or Opportunity?

I'm already starting to hear the expression “technological Darwinism“. You can imagine that: who doesn't adapt to technological change won't be able to survive. The fourth industrial revolution it's already here.

What the fourth industrial revolution entails

I could explain a theory about what that means, but I prefer to put some examples of their implications in our lives and in our jobs:

  • Automation: What will become of taxi drivers - including Uber and the like- when taxi fleets are driverless self-driving cars? What about the schools?
  • We: The new Apple Watch it's a stand-alone phone (integrated data), besides a small multifunction computer what will become of smartphones? and the heart rate monitors?
  • Logistics: Prime Now, Amazon's new supermarket service, takes you a commission home in two hours without going through the store what will become of the online supermarkets? and the traditional? A pharmacy could send a commission via a drone to 200 Km in just twenty minutes what will become of traditional messaging services?
  • Big Data: Alphabet (Google, Youtube…), Facebook (Whatsapp, Instagram…), Amazon, WeChat, Weibo… are able to generate more accurate data in real time than anyone else what will become of the research and demoscopy companies?

This is nothing new.. Every revolution brings change, and society just adapts (even if some of your individuals don't). The first industrial revolution, with the steam engine, modified the map of industry and labor. The Second Revolution, in the early twentieth century did the same with oil, electricity, zinc, steel, aluminum, the car… The third, closer and more global, it's the intelligence, where new communication technologies converge with new energy systems.

This fourth industrial revolution, is marked by the convergence of digital technologies, physical and biological, who anticipate that it will change the world as we know it. He describes an excellent article Bbc.

And the best thing is the dizzying speed with which the changes occur. If between the 1st revolution and the 2nd round more than 50 Years, now new digital and artificial intelligence environments drive incredible speeds.

The bad news

The pessimistic view of all this is that maybe our work will disappear. A few weeks ago, an excellent insurance professional who prefers some anonymity, introduced me to an app called Will robots take my job?

If you put your current profession (it's in English at the moment) gives you a predicted roboticization percentage for 2024, zero being a safe and safe profession 100 a profession without a future. Not only that.: gives you a salary estimate (in the USA) and number of “Competitors”.

You have to read the percentages with caution, because they refer to the U.S. market and do not take into account the elements that make up the differential value proposition in a curriculum (Languages, Experience, Competences, Achievements…).

Here are some examples: insurance agent, graphic designer, Accounting, Lawyer, advertising executive or taxi driver.

robotization safe agents
High level of robotization. “You're doomed”. Uncertain future for insurance agents.
robotization graphic designers
Low level of robotization. Assured future for graphic designers.
robotization accounting
High level of robotization. Black future for accountants.
robotization lawyers
Very low level of robotization. Safe future for lawyers.
robotization executives advertising
Sound of robotization on alert for advertising executives
robotization taxi drivers
High level of robotization for taxi drivers and chauffeurs. Uncertain future.

The good news

As I went, every industrial revolution has brought threats to those who don't “get in the car” but also opportunities for those who did it. In this recommended reading by Enrique Dans, the author does not rule out that there can be destruction of jobs, but believes that the speed will be slower than the willrobotstakemyjob website foresees.

Already homegrown, the key in personal branding is given by little factors “robotizeable” that have to do with emotional intelligence rather than pure competitions. A key factor, as VISA Inc's head of innovation progressed in its day. is the management of our personal brand (personal branding), certainly one of the new cross-cutting powers needed to identify the value proposition, the differential and relevant areas that our brand projects.

Digital transformation and value

Digital transformation is a concept that - in my opinion- In 15 years will be extinguished. Basically because the concept is aimed at non-digital generations - baby boomers and X gene-, who will have to adapt to change or die in the attempt. But in a few years, new professionals will have Integrated the digital chip naturally.

That doesn't mean there are no new challenges and changes to manage, and it seems clear that it will all revolve around the Value, ability to communicate with others and the ease of adapting to new environments.

Let's remember that without personal transformation there is no digital transformation.

The big opportunity

If you're an accountant, insurance agent, taxi driver or you're on the list of “Condemned”, don't despair. Just as a threat looms over your future, there is the possibility of being yourself who looks for which part of your work is automated and which part brings the most value.

For example, for an insurance agent, claims processing is somewhat automated (Apps, management programs, Crm…) but the work of selling or personal advice not so much. In this case the value would be around the ability to connect, to persuade, and the agent could focus on that task to increase his value and avoid obsolescence.

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5 thoughts on "Personal Branding in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Threat or Opportunity?”

  1. Hello Guillem. As an accounting administrator and gradually to comply 40 I can only be grateful for this article. I sensed that my type of work could disappear because year after year I see companies that do not renew these jobs of professionals who are retiring. The digital revolution must be understood, as I understand it, as an opportunity and not just as a threat. How do you think a professional like me could reinvent herself?
    I congratulate you on the blog, really interesting.

    M. Teresa

    • Hello Teresa, I see you're a few steps from the storm. It's complex to answer “dry” about a way to reinvent yourself. Following the post's advice, it would be worth it if you analyzed what part of your job is 100% automatable (it's the one that has the least value) and where data analysis is less involved and more interpretation of data followed by advice and ideas to improve the organization's performance. Of course, it would also help if you could train complementaryly as a big data consultant, Manager Cloud… Anyway,, each case is unique and it's hard to generalize, but often more than a reinvention is a repositioning, an update.
      Thank you so much for writing!


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