The online Personal Brand Course has been launched, which I have the honour to manage with my colleagues Nancy Vazquez And Alan Urbina (Integra Personal Branding), Anabel Ferreiras E Isaac García Merino (Quifer Consultants) And Helena Casas, my partner in The Human Branding.

The course is born of a success story, the online Personal Brand Congress held in May 2020 and sponsored by RE/MAX RD And GNP Insurance Mexico. The near 100 attendees of the online conference encouraged us with their feedback to turn the conference leads into an online course… Atypical? Maybe. What counts here is not that it's one more, but be practical and effective.

A different personal brand course

If you do a little bit of Benchmarking, most personally branded courses are courses on the internet, social media, ads on Facebook. Others are dedicated exclusively to personal image. We started with the wrong name, very few, they work in the area of self-knowledge. The truth, personal brand courses that contemplate a logical tour of the three major areas of personal branding (personal brand management), With 10 hours of video and a text for each of the 28 Lessons, there are frankly few.

To remember it, the three major areas of this Personal Brand Iceberg Are:

  1. Self: A tour of our introspective area, the one about how we are inside. But also the one about how they see us from the outside. And all that concreted in a personal SDOO or FODA as a great self-diagnosis analysis tool.
  2. Personal strategy. The definition of objectives, Purpose, value proposition, business model and messages for each of our stakeholders. A key phase to wonder where we want to go, Who, With what.
  3. Visibility. The answer to the question how can we get there?, where we look at our personal communication plan, our networking plan, social selling, what we might call “the hour of truth”, the tip of the Iceberg, its visible part.
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Course objectives

  • Knowing what the Personal Brand you project today on others (Self)
  • Discover your strengths and learn how to turn them into value proposition and business model (Strategy)
  • Developing a communication plan and content and networking to project your brand (Visibility)
  • Learning to measure efficiency of these actions, setting your own indicators of success. (KPI's)

Who the course is aimed at

  • To any professional who wants to differentiate themselves, stand out from the rest to become the preferred choice in any selection process.
  • To those who want to own their Personal Brand and their online reputation, not letting it be others who do it.
  • To those who need to master social media, social sales (social selling) and create online communities of followers willing to buy or recommend products and services.

Teaching Tour of the Personal Brand Online Course

All 28 lessons consist of a video of approx. 15 minutes and a PDF with explanations and two-page graphics.

  • Lesson 1 – Introduction to The Personal Brand / Who I Am. Nancy Vazquez introduces the first personal brand concepts, its usefulness, and the first keys to your real identity.
  • Lesson 2 – Perceived Identity. Nancy Vazquez takes a step further, that of our identity perceived by others. Here identity intersects, image and reputation.
  • Lesson 3 – Digital Identity. Nancy Vazquez ends this first series of identity talking about the identity we project on the Internet and social media.
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  • Lesson 8 – Internal FODA. Strengths and Weaknesses. Based on the results of the previous tests and the feedback, Nancy Vazquez discusses strengths and weaknesses, the inner part of the FODA or SDA.
  • Lesson 9 – External FODA. Opportunities AND Threats. Nancy Vazquez discusses the threats and market opportunities that can condition our strategy.
  • Lesson 10 – Purpose, Our Reason for Being. Nancy Vazquez develops this first session of the personal strategy area that helps us identify our purpose, our raison d'etre.
  • Lesson 12 – The Goal At Personal Branding. Guillem Recolons develops the importance of setting a professional recognition objective to give coherence to our strategy and facilitate its evaluation.
  • Lesson 13 – The Value Proposal. Guillem Recolons deals with why someone should choose us, the Value proposal, our relevant difference, that highlights the main benefit that our client makes.
  • Lesson 14 – The Business Model. Guillem Recolons explains how to work on our personal business model, both in the diagnostic and strategic part, with the 9 Quadrants.
  • Lesson 15 – Benchmarking, A Look at the Market and Competition. Helena Casas presents us with some keys to get to know our competitors better and their value proposition.
  • Lesson 16 – Building Our Base Message. Isaac García Merino presents us with the fundamentals of building our base message and its various applications in different OFF and ONline communication media.
  • Lesson 17 – How to Develop Our “Bio”. Isaac García Merino helps us detect the key elements of which a personal biography is composed.
  • Lesson 18 – Our Message In Linkedin. Isaac García Merino applies previous knowledge of value proposition, business model, base message and biographical structure on a platform like Linkedin.
  • Lesson 19 – Soft Skills Y Elevator Pitch. Alan Urbina, highlights the importance of soft skills in our professional relationships and sets the example of Harvard Business School's Elevator Pitch.
  • Lesson 20 – Identifying Ours Audiences. Nancy Vazquez develops this session on the different types of segmentation of our personal brand audiences, not taking into account only the demographic factors.
  • Lesson 21 – Offline Media, The Big Hearings. Guillem Recolons exposes the main classic offline media and its reach and impact advantages for our message.
  • Lesson 22 – Online Media, Perfect Segmentation. Helena Casas introduces us to social media, including social media, platforms like Wikipedia, Spotify, social games, Social scoreboards...
  • Lesson 23 – Branding, The Ability to Import Someone- Nancy Vazquez develops the importance of branding in our personal brand, from the way we use our name, up to our logo,…
  • Lesson 24 – The Content It's The King. Guillem Recolons explains the 6 C of content management to attract (inbound) to our potential customers: Know content, Cure or create them, Share, Talk, Connect and Control.
  • Lesson 25 – Productivity Tools And Management. Alan Urbina highlights the importance of the different productivity tools in managing our personal brand.
  • Lesson 26 – WordPress, The King of Content Platforms. Helena Casas presents the content manager: WordPress, the communication tool that transcends social media.
  • Lesson 27 – The Power of Loss Prescribers, Our Key Allies. Alan Urbina, discusses the importance of prescribers, our "Brand Advocates" or better fans in a personal branding strategy.
  • Lesson 28 – Monetize Our Knowledge. Guillem Recolons defines the types of parallel projects that can help us monetize our knowledge, regardless of our current work.
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When, How much, Where

Already seen why, for whom and how, here's what's missing to know:
  • When: Anytime. The course is already underway, And once you enroll, Have 6 months to finish it. Although we advise you to do it in two months maximum.
  • How much: Enrollment in the course comes at a cost $99,00 (approx. 90o), but if you put this COUPON: GR20MPTEAM you'll get a discount from the 10% Immediately.
  • Where: Copy the coupon and go to the registration page There you click “add to cart”, and on the next page you add the coupon code and click “apply coupon” and you'll see how it immediately discounts the 10%. Then you click on “finish purchase” and on the next page he asks for your credit card details, your customer data, billing… and start! If you have doubts during the process, here we answer them
If you prefer to take a tour of the website to read other people's testimonies and other information, the main page of the course is I hope you enjoy the course. A greeting!