The Black Pill (Ebook)

Manage your Personal Brand OFF and ON: There's no choice

"I don't believe in fate because I hate to think it's not me who controls my life"

Neo. The Matrix (1999)

You no longer have to choose between the red and blue pill

Ago 20 years the WORLDs OFF and ON, the real and the virtual were separated. You had to choose between the red pill that represented the virtual or the blue with reality. Today, the world is OFF/ON, has been merged, and the resulting color is black.

This ebook “The Black Pill” it targets professionals who need to excel in this new context, with fusion of the real and virtual. In an unstable world, Changing, Complex, Vertiginous… but of great opportunities.

The Black Pill consists of 28 short chapters full of practical tools for you to learn how to self-manage your personal brand, hopefully achieve your goals and become a benchmark in your specialty.

The Black Pildora Cover Volume

Black Pill Content

Start with a tour from our Self, analyzing our personality, our competencies, the brand we think we have and the one we really project on others. From the real, the perceived and the digital, until we reach the personal SDFO, both the inmate (our weaknesses and strengths) like the external (threats and opportunities from abroad).

Continue with the development of our personal strategy, defining purpose, values and goal, before entering into the value proposition, business model, benchmarking and wording of messages

And it ends with Visibility, the tangible and visible part of our personal brand plan, analyzing audiences, off and online media, Branding, Content, productivity tools, key allies and monetization.

For whom

Professionals who need to project a real and compelling value proposition that makes them eligible, it doesn't matter if they work as employees or as entrepreneurs.


92 Pages, reading time, approximately two days. Exercises, two extra days. The app is forever.


Guillem Recolons and Helena Casas (The Human Branding), Nancy Vazquez and Alan Urbina (Integra Personal Branding) e Isaac G. Merino (Quifer Consultants)