Employee Advocacy

The Power of Brand Ambassadors “of the house”

The first customers are inside, are those of the house

The first person convinced is who has tested and improved the product before launching it to the market

Richard Branson

That, and not another, is the ultimate transmitter public confidence, above advertising, public relations, promotions. Communication person-to-person it's unbeatable. And today there is the perfect ecosystem for a person inside, A brand ambassador of the house, communicate with a prospective outside customer, convinces you, reassure you, assure you in your decision.

Never did the term win/win make so much sense

Brand ambassadors convey like no one else the Purpose, The Values and Messages of the corporate brand. Traditional advertising has lost steam.

But there's something more important: in a program of “Employee Advocacy” or brand ambassadors' momentum, everyone wins equally:

The organization achieves greater engagement in his communication, Greater Credibility, Greater Sales, Greater Reach of his messages, new channels sale…

For his part, professionals “of the house” they manage to position their personal brand, become Spokespersons trustworthy, and also in what I call “emotional shareholders”, improve their skills Self, of the Communication and competitions Digital.

Employee Advocacy ebook by Guillem Recolons

Ebook content "Employee Advocacy, the power of the brand ambassadors of the house"

  • Prologue, by Nancy Vazquez
  • Introduction
  • Context
  • Advantages for the company and its professionals
  • Contents of an employee advocacy program
  • The return on investment
  • When, How, Where, Who

For whom

Marketing address / Communication, HR address. Hh, responsible Employer Branding, Directorate-General


Pdf, 40 Pages, reading in 1h
Very rich in statistics on return on investment and on the characteristics of an Employee Advocacy program in an organization


Guillem Recolons, with foreword by Nancy Vazquez (Integra Personal Branding).
Revised edition July 2020