Digital Marketing and Social Media

5Edition. 100% Online. From the University of Vic

100% Online, mentored by professionals, video-based, includes Personal Branding and running a website

Guillem Recolons and Helena Casas, of the The Human Branding, are professors of Personal Branding in the last module dedicated to strategy in Personal Branding, of the 5th edition of the Master 100% online in Digital Marketing and Social Networks from the University of Vic.

The Master begins on 26 October 2021, all in video format, participation in discussion forums, and evaluation by delivery of projects in each module

It is the fifth edition since the Universitat de Vic launched this master's degree 100% online in Spanish focused on MArketing Digital and Social Media". This master's degree is designed so that you can get to know in depth the workings of Digital Marketing, positioning in search engines, social media strategies, as well as the different techniques of online marketing.

Below we detail objectives, value proposition, Teachers, Dates, Tutorials, Format, program and tuition.

If you're short on time, here's a rundown of 1 video minute in which Professor Helena Casas and I explained it to you:

Presentation of the Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media.


  1. Know in depth how Digital Marketing works, SEO, the SEM, content creation and social media strategies.
  2. Learn how to create and manage businesses on the network, Especially Ecommerce.
  3. Plan your Personal Branding strategy to improve your career path and properly manage your Personal Brand.
  4. Understanding how the Web works 4.0: Geolocation, Vr, WITH, Web and mobile advertising, and the Gamification.
  5. Optimize the design and management of a web space.
  6. Define the most appropriate goals and metrics to understand ROI (return on investment) campaigns and online marketing actions.

Value Proposal

This Master's Degree, of the 60 ECTS céditos, distinguishes itself from the rest in four fundamental aspects:

  • 100% Online and tutored by expert professionals in each of the subjects
  • Video-based and with support in reinforcement PDF material.
  • Includes a final module Personal Branding to help you manage your career.
  • It includes the comprehensive development of a WordPress website


Coordinated by Montserrat Peñarroya And Helena Casas, account with:

Master's Methodology in Digital Marketing

The methodology of the Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Social Networks of the UVic focuses on the latest trends in e-learning and web applications 2.0 And 3.0 And 4.0:

  • Academic specialization of content in written format and video format
  • Learning through discussion forums
  • Individualized tutoring

For whom

University graduates who want to specialize in the field of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Project Management. Marketing professionals who wish to update their knowledge with the concepts and techniques that will be essential that the development of consumer-oriented marketing of the new digital world. Webmasters with technical profiles and who wish to expand their knowledge in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Project Management. Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to explore the business opportunities offered by the internet.

Dates, Format

Home 26 October 2021 - End Sep. 2022
60 UTCS credits
Mode: Online
Language: Spanish
Final Master's Project- Creating a digital marketing strategic plan, SOSTAC methodology

Tuition and discount

The tuition fee is 3.900 Euros, you get a college degree. You can get a discount from one 5% if you fill in the fields on this form. The registration process will continue directly from the University of Vic.