Personal brand diagnosis 12: Analyzing opportunities

In the 11 previous chapters of the series Iceberg I've treated the diagnosis of our personal brand: perceived identity, own identity, digital identity identity by name in search engines, on social media and by keywords.

I have also dealt with Elena Arnaiz the "D" of "Weaknesses" of DAFO, the "F" of Strengths with Xavi Roca, the "A" of Threats with Arancha Ruiz. And today we close the "O" of Opportunities with my admired Francisco Warden, author of one of the best-sellers of business literature Aprendiendo de los Mejores (already in 20th edition), Aprendiendo de los Mejores 2, And, among others, "Your future is today" in this case with Laura Chica, and possibly the best lecturer I've ever met about leadership and motivation.

If you're short on time, I invite you to see this summary:

The importance of detecting opportunities

Golconda Diamonds

Al Hafed was a rich man who owned a large farm in southern India. Living a comfortable and luxurious life, until a former Buddhist priest told him about the existence of diamonds, the world's most valuable ore. He became so obsessed with the idea of getting incredibly rich by finding these precious gems that he sold his farm and traveled the world in search of them until all his money was spent. Without a penny and despondent, At last, drowned dead.

Meanwhile, on al Hafed's former estate, the new owner took his camel to a creek in the garden to give him a drink. While the camel drank, noticed a brightly colored rock shining in the water. He took her home and placed her on the chimney. A few days later, the old Buddhist priest returned to the estate. He looked at the rock and recognized it as a large rough diamond.

This is how the Golconda diamond mine was discovered, one of the most magnificent in the history of mankind. Golconda diamonds are known today as the highest quality gemstones in the world. It is believed that many of the world's most famous diamonds, including the Hope Diamond, come from the Golconda mine.

Opportunities are closer than we think

We don't need to look elsewhere for opportunities. All the opportunities you might want can be found where you are now – in your community, Work, family and other circumstances. To achieve the best results, we have to dig into our own backyard and find opportunities.

You may have heard the expression, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. We all dream of finding our success or fortune – somewhere else, in a different set of circumstances, in a different city, with a different job or a change in our marital status. When you get to the “other side of the fence”, you'll probably find that the grass wasn't that green there after all.

Problems and opportunities, the link

Many problems often contain inside the seeds of opportunity.

The reason most people never see them is because no one has taught them to look for them

When they get off the ground, diamonds don't look like the bright, multifaceted gems we all know and love. They come disguised as rocks of color and thick grain. It takes a trained eye to recognize them.

Many people only see the problems, and quickly give up. But a small handful of enterprising people push through challenges to identify and capitalize on opportunities.

Francisco Warden: If you're not ready, opportunities won't appear in your life

Said Aristotle Onassis (1906-1975), Ari, the Greek tycoon of the 20th century shipping industry, that "the secret of a business is that you know something that no one else knows". When asked what the formula for his success was, he answered: "Do you see that chair there? I saw her first.".

Opportunities exist everywhere, at all times, and at all times... for those who know how to see them, is prepared and takes advantage of them

A certain time, Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, among the top ten fortunes in the world, Pointed: "All times are good for those who know how to work".

It is not enough to be in the right 'place' at the right 'time' – as they say -, but you also have to be the right 'person'.

And how does one become the right person? Preparing. Opportunities are rarely presented to 'un prepared' people.

It is rare to detect opportunities if one does not have the sensitivity to identify them. Sensitivity is nothing more than the ability to see what happens to many unnoticed. And sensitivity is not innate, but the result of knowledge, experience and observation. In short, of curiosity: the more you study, the more experience you have, the more you ask, the more you investigate, the better you relate, the more you care about other areas of knowledge, the more open you are to life. easier you'll find discovering opportunities. If you're ready, opportunities will find you.

If there's one thing that 'winning' people are distinguished by, it's that it's one step ahead of the market. And that's not casual., but causal.

Types of opportunities

Opportunities: One of the most abundant elements in the world, and so hard to identify.

The diamond tale shows us opportunities in front of us and we don't see. The words of Francisco Alcaide tell us that better preparation predisposes us to locate opportunities.

Only by reading the two books of "Learning from the Best" can we see how more than a hundred world leaders have been able to find opportunities where other people only saw problems or threats.

For practical purposes, and with an eye on your personal DAFO, I distinguish opportunities in 10 Categories:

  1. Continuous learning: New competitions, skills and knowledge you can acquire
  2. Thoroughly analyze complaints from competing customers
  3. Benchmarking success stories from other business sectors
  4. Changes in your business sector that may favor you
  5. Technological developments at your fingertips applicable to your industry in the future
  6. New positions available at the company you work for
  7. Which networking meetings can you attend?
  8. Which coach, consultant or mentor can help you?
  9. Parallel projects
  10. Recommendations from reference professionals

Here you can download in Excel the box with the Types of Opportunities.

Types of opportunities DAFO Personal Guillem Recolons

Questions about opportunities

It is time to analyze whether any of the opportunities arising from the above points have any business viability.

Does anyone else do it? is the idea relevant? do I need funding to get it up and running? are there patents? would demand be elastic or inelastic at the price? Local, Global, Glocal?

This period takes time, but also agility. It's not about falling into the "paralysis by analysis". Perhaps the time factor is critical to ensuring the success of the launch, but above all continuity.

And let's not forget to include those chosen opportunities in our business model Personal.

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