Personal Branding: How to Move from Self-Knowledge to Recognition

Personal branding is a process, the process in which we manage our personal brand. And of course, you can imagine that doesn't start on Instagram or LinkedIn, it goes from self-knowledge to recognition.

It is a complex but wonderful road, where there are ups and downs, as in all trails, but that guides us towards the goal we have set ourselves. Here are some keys to how to move from self-knowledge to recognition.

If you're short on time, I summarize it in a minute of video: 

Personal branding affects all people who relate to people

We are social beings. Personal branding is something we leave on others and on ourselves, that's why it happens to social beings. An anchorite, For example, will have a vision of yourself, but that mark will be incomplete without taking into account what it projects on others, since it does not project anything or anyone.

We could define our personal brand as our open window, that which we see in ourselves and others see of ourselves. Here you would have an example: 

Personal Branding at the Intersection, by Guillem Recolons

From self-knowledge to recognition there is a journey

We cannot move from self-knowledge to recognition, since the first is an introspective phase that does not suppose that others should know it.

We could define the route like this:

  1. Self: Who I am, Where am I, what brand project and how I got here
  2. Strategy: define a purpose, set a roadmap, create a value proposition and a business model
  3. Marketing Personal: Publicize this value proposition to the chosen audiences through different visibility channels, both off and online.
  4. Development and action: Implementation of skills and competencies before our clients, whether internal or external.
  5. Recognition: If the phase 4 is effective, you get the approval and recommendation of those customers.

The consequence of recognition is the fulfillment of the personal objectives set.

When recognition occurs

Responding badly and soon: when you follow all the steps without skipping any. Short-termism has been installed in our society. We want everything fast, Immediately. No patience to read, everything should be short formats.

But no one will achieve their goals by walking like a headless chicken.. You can't go from zero to five without going through one, two,  three and four.

When things are going well for someone, we tend to think that they have been lucky or that they have hit the nail on the head with an idea.. This is rarely the case.: stay with what we see at the tip of the Iceberg is an exercise in naivety. Below that icy mountain there is still a 80% of submerged mass: what is not seen, but it is.

I had the opportunity to work for what is now called an "influencer" with millions of followers and a business model around views on YouTube. The usual thing in those who do not know that person is to think that their success is imitable with little effort. The reality is that that person has worked 15 hours a day with no holidays or weekends to get where you've arrived, that is the submerged mass of the iceberg.

What you say is worth 10, what you do is worth 30, and the result of what you do (recognition) Ok 60

It is an approximate equation, but easy to understand. What we say and the way we do it is important and necessary (personal marketing), but it is a 10% of success.

What we do, our performance, it is essential and must be connected to what we say, with the brand promise, and that can be a 30% of success.

And if everything works and we leave a relevant and unique personal brand, the most powerful and profitable part of personal branding will arrive: recognition. That's worth a 60%, and get them to recommend us, that they think of us for an exciting project, that we are in the "top of mind".

The final result of the process of self-knowledge to recognition

Get the job you were looking for, grow in the organization you work in, be the person proposed to lead a project, achieve more customers, expand the boundaries of a business, gain influence to make your products or services sell more easily, get a major prize, make more money, save time, gain health, winning friendships...

Do you follow the list? Here I leave you the infographic that summarizes it:

Infographic From Self-Knowledge to Recognition, by Guillem Recolons

Here's the podcast. You can hear it in iVoox, Spotify, And Apple Podcast.

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Photo Pyrenees Andorra: Guillem Recolons


Put your talent into action

Today's first recommendation is the new book "Put your talent in action" by my good friend Elena Arnaiz and edited by ESIC. I confess., I haven't read it because it's still in distribution, but I have been present in the gestation process and I have the absolute certainty that this book will be a must of the personal brand.

Don't hire me

The second recommendation is the master-post of Professor and Doctor Vladimir Estrada "Don't hire me", in which it gives 50 reasons why no one would want to be hired by a company. This week he has published the Part Two, that continues with the reasoning referring to multiple texts of colleagues from the world of personal branding.

Just remind you that Professor Vladimir Estrada is one of the great academic references of the personal brand. Cuban of origin and settled in the R. Dominican, his writings are examples of the best content curation I know.

How can we work on digital prestige??

Monday 18 October, Pedro Soriano interviews me live on Instagram at 7:30 afternoon Spanish time, with the talk entitled How can we work on digital prestige? 

Pedro is an excellent disseminator of the importance of personal branding among the group of nurses and health professionals. You are getting a PhD, is a health podcaster and Professor in Communication and Relationship Help in Nursing Degree at Universidad Europea. Follow us on the user @enfermero_enred.

Reinvent your future (workshop)

Thursday evening 21 October, From Simple and Conscious I give the workshop "Reinvent your future" on schedule 18 to 21h in Argentina or at 23 Spanish time.

In fact, the workshop aims to give the keys to how to move from self-knowledge to recognition. Simple and conscious is the great project of the journalist and coach reference in Argentina, Silvina Luna. Registration in

The optimism bias (online round table)

Tuesday 26 October at 7pm Spanish time, very interesting TED Circles free event on optimism bias, sponsored by TEDx Eixample.

The format is interesting, first you have to see a TED talk, in this case it is the Tali Sharot: The predisposition to optimism. Secondly,, you're invited to participate in an open Google Meet to share your thoughts on the talk. Free registration in

Attract Talent Congress

And to finish, remind you of the event I talked about two weeks ago, The 1er online congress of Employer Branding "Attract Talent" so that companies know branding strategies to reinforce their employer brand to retain and attract talent.
Dates: 25 To 27 October 4 To 6:30 afternoon time Spain or 11 To 13:30 Mexico time. The speakers are Nilton Navarro (InfoJobs), Luz Ferrer (Ikea Mexico), Juan Martinez de Salines (Leader) and a certain Guillem Recolons. Registration in

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