Deshaucios: the big bank misses its chance to improve its brand

If there was a historic moment when the big Spanish bank could make peace with society it was this week. But once again the bank has neither known nor wanted to react to the unhaucious.

Can you imagine for a moment that the big bankers meet and propose to modify the mortgage law to avoid evictions??

It didn't seem so difficult for them to get together. Loot (Santander), González (Bbva) , Fainé (La Caixa), Ron (Popular) And Oliu (Sabadell) and decide, For example, accept the property as a mortgage payment without further ado. As it happens in the rest of the planet.

Quite an ordeal goes through the one who can not pay the mortgage and they kick him out of his house as to continue with the debt in tow. It is clear that a solution is needed that goes through THAT THE EVICTION DOES NOT occur..

This week we have churned our stomachs knowing that several evicted have committed suicide So what European justice considers evictions illegal in Spain.

At the end, political parties will meet (after evictions have broken into your agenda) and a compromise solution will appear that Aventuro will not be the panacea.

Magnificent summary, Kutxabank

But in the middle of this desert, there is always an oasis: Kutxabank has decided unilaterally, and without waiting for late decisions from Congress, What will not undo those who cannot afford their mortgages. Missing reading the fine print, but at the moment the news can not be better.

We'll see if the big guys react. There is always a corner for hope. For now, have lost the great opportunity to improve their brands before society.

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