Personal Brand Diagnostics 14: The Vital Capital

The Personal SDSO gives us an interesting perimeter view about what matters (strengths and opportunities) And what should alert us (weaknesses and threats). Today I have as a guest of honor Fran Segarra, psychologist specializing in Personal Brand, Personal Development , Branding and Business Humanization. And I've brought it to this blog to tell us the advantages of a tool that greatly expands that perimeter vision of the Personal STHO: The Vital Capital.

If you're short on time, I invite you to see this one-minute summary:

A little history about the Vital Capital

With Fran Segarra and Eva Collado we share the project Get in Valor, and the first time Fran told us about The Vital Capital, excited us. Fran had chosen six key areas that form a person's capital. Without hesitation, we include it in our formations.

If theFO gives that perimeter vision, The Vital Capital complete your self-diagnosis with a centrifugal vision, from the inside out, and it does not based on our emotional DNA, but in our experience with other people, therefore, it's a process totally experiential.

The first time I saw him in action was at a congress co-organized by Elena Arnaiz at Avilés, In 2017. In front of a hearing of 200 People, Fran got some of them to get what they had inside in an extraordinary "demo" format. It was a magical moment, I'll never forget -- and I don't think Fran.

I give the floor to my good friend Fran Segarra:

Need self-recognize you quickly and effectively

First of all, I want to thank you Guillem.. For me a blog represents a person's "home on the internet", your "base camp", its "little sanctuary" in the vastness of the network. Thank you for opening the door, let me through and let me give you a small part of value to your community, with my tool "The Capital VitaL". I hope it can be useful.

The profit of Capital Vital

And I'd like to start by talking precisely about utility. Because The Vital Capital it's a tool created primarily so that it can be useful. It is made to solve a need that I detected and that is almost always repeated throughout my more than 10 years working on this personal brand thing: the introspection process can slow the development of a personal brand, if you don't work properly.

In my formations, Workshops, Papers, Etc… (And also in some consultancies, when we define goals) my clients tell me that block them from having to start an introspection process. The introspection process, Normally, is seen as a slow process, it's time-consuming. And that paralyzes.

But an introspection process MUST NOT be long and tedious "per se". It's a belief you just need (like almost everything in life) be viewed from another point of view. That's why I propose a simple change of concept that includes a big change of perception: Replace the concept of "Self-knowledge" with that of "Recognition"Doesn't it sound different?

Self-recognition moves away from the whole and helps us focus on recognizing that "more practical" of our identity: Habits, patterns of behavior, Values, mental schemes and above all, our beliefs, who are the ones driving us (or limit us) to make our most important decisions.

El capital Vital

That's why I created The Vital Capital. To give Agility, Speed, Operation And Focus to the introspection process, from recognition in us 6 "Vital Capitals" fundamental to a personal branding strategy:

  1. Emotional Capital, to assess emotional intelligence and how it emotionally connects with people around the environment.
  2. Capital of Vital Intensity, to analyze the aspects that give intensity to the existence and richness of each one's experiences @ (great trips, sabbatical, Ngos, Erasmus…). These vital experiences are the great ones forgotten in our society, too focused on formal education.
  3. Identity Capital, to assess people's purpose, what really moves them, Inspires, what he enjoys, The Values… (but the real ones)
  4. Relational Capital, to recognize those people that everyone has around them and who support us, they inject energy and they'll always be there even if everything goes wrong (and that we don't normally take into account, we don't value or "take for granted" that they will always be there).
  5. Capital Formal, to make a list and simply reflect on career milestones. It corresponds to what we would call "Hard Skills"..
  6. Applied Capital, to recognize that it is what you are able to do, validated by projects. No theories or diplomas… just what's been done and can be proven.

Conclusions + Template

Regardless of whether you want or want to work the personal brand, I think it's a good tool that helps us re-adapt our perception of introspection processes.

We need tools adapted to our uncertain and fast lives, who need useful and focused resources to help us navigate long paths, but little by little and without pause. But most of all, to help us start walking the way.

Sometimes it's just about “… take the first step, even when you don't see the full ladder.” (Adapted from Martin Luther King Jr.)

Here you can download the staff for The Vital Capital.

Again, Thank you. A hug to everyone.


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