Don't judge without knowing the context and the story of the other

Look at the boy in the picture. You don't know him., but maybe you'd be able to venture out a character stereotype based on your experience… Cocky boy who's run away from home? Young adventurer looking for experiences?

The truth is that we have a certain tendency to judge and manufacture Stories without first knowing context and storytelling. It's all because of the imaginative force that makes the first impression. Could it be a serial killer traveling after his next victim? and the next White House tenant within 10 Years?

A short story of context and story that will surprise you

A boy from 24 years looking out the window of the train screamed….

“Dad, look at the trees that go behind!”
The father smiled and a young couple sitting nearby, looked with some pity at the boy's childish behavior when he shouted again…

“Dad, look at how the clouds haunt us!”

The couple couldn't resist and told the father…

“Why don't you take your child to a good doctor?” The father smiled and said… “I did and we just got out of the hospital., my son was blind by birth and just got his eyes today”.

Every person on the planet has a story. It's not worth judging without knowing the context and the people's account. That truth might surprise you..

I confess that I have searched with ahinco the author of this story without success. If you know who he is, Please, write me at the end of the post to include it.

The importance of context

In the midst of the post-truth era, we forget about the Context and we're looking for the easy headline. And that makes us a tweet tertullian. And we know that context is very often what gives meaning to the story, as in the case of our young train. Prejudging is too easy.

The personal brand, context and storytelling

If we don't want others to make their truth about us, it's vital that we master context and storytelling Own. Many of the answers about why personal branding needs to be worked (what we know as personal branding strategy) are behind the need to control our story.

Let's not let them prejudge. It may also not be necessary to uncover all our secrets, some discretion is appreciated. But when someone looks for us, out and inside the network, you better not get the wrong idea, skewed or incomplete of who we are and what we can do for others.

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