What if companies act as people and people as companies? The World upside down

Today I woke up provocative and watching the World upside down. You'll see that the thing makes more sense than it looks.

If you're short on time, I invite you to watch a video-summary of a minute.

The personal branding is seeing the world upside down

This statement "personal branding is seeing the world upside down" is based on a simple observation. On one side, companies need to humanize to better connect. And on the other hand, people would do well to self-manage as companies. The latter anticipated Tom Peters drawing an imaginary Me Inc. (translatable as I, S.l.) in his article "The Brand Called You"of 1997.

Businesses lack humanization

Some companies would do well to humanize themselves. In your article Goodbye Customers, Hello People: Branding to People (B2P), Ivan Diaz (Branzai) says it clearly:

Since we were born we are able to recognize other humans. We are programmed to interact with people

Many companies insist on calling us customers. Since sociology we are called individuals. Many brands insist on calling us users, Consumers, Patients... They also call us citizens, Passersby, Drivers, Athletes, Participants…

The truth is that our main singularity is about being people, Humans, not because of the role we play for a particular brand or product. I usually say that branding, if it's not human, it's not branding. And companies (not all) have a pending subject that we can help solve from the corporate applications of personal branding:

The fact that a brand humanizes makes it a connector. And this requires the sender of the message and the receiver to be people. Requires the message to add value. And it requires there to be a story. That, traditional advertising based on mass ad bombardment no longer gets it.

It would be good for us people to manage ourselves as companies

The Dicho, the world upside down. If the company and its brands could use humanizing, people could use learning to manage ourselves in a more organized and effective way.

Let me break some limiting beliefs:

  • If you look at the competition of corporate brands, why not do it about people who may be occupying your branded territory?
  • If a company has a Purpose, a mission and values (something deeply human) doesn't it make sense that a person has it too?
  • Organizations work on the basis of business models for each of their brands do you know that there are business model canvases for people?
  • Every mark moves around a value proposition can people survive (Professionally) without a unique value proposition?
  • Brands often flag a "claim", A Slogan and why a person couldn't have it?
  • Brands and their products are made known through communication plans had you heard of communication plan Personal?

Welcome to the dizzying and exciting world of Personal Branding (or if you prefer, Discovery, development and projection of the personal brand). It's not unique to celebrities, nor super-managers, nor gurus. It's for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, think what you think, whatever you do. If you keep having doubts, I invite you to read the answers to the 20 more recurring questions I've received over the last few years 10 Years. If you look at the world backwards, you're on the right track.

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Podcast: We'd be better off if people thought like companies and companies as people (Interview by Julio Muñiz)

If you want to go into what you're trying on in this post, click on the image to listen to the podcast of an interview that made me a few days ago the expert in digital marketing and entrepreneurship based in Florida Julio Muñiz in his program Unmistakably.

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5 thoughts on "What if companies act as people and people as companies? The World upside down”

  1. Excellent post, Guillem, and also seasoned with that beautiful landscape of Montserrat. I love the original and paradoxical idea that companies act more like people (humanize) and people behave more like companies (I mean, that we gain a more strategic view of our own life and our work). Congratulations and greetings.

    • Hello Emilio! The truth is, it's a real paradox., and maybe it's easier to explain the personal branding so through the usual speech. Thank you so much for your feedback and for the comment, lately everyone is commenting from social media. A greeting!!!

  2. Hola que tal

    Me ha gustado mucho leer todas estas interesantes ideas.
    Positivas por demásInspiradoras a ser mejor persona, mejor empresa
    “It's up to you”
    Thanks a lot.
    Saludos desde nuestra. #VillaPununo #SabanaLarga #SanJosédeOcoa #RepúblicaDominicana


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