Personal branding improves visibility and credibility in job applications

A few weeks ago, my good friend Nilton Navarro, Brand Manager of Infojobs, I passed the results of a study conducted by the company that confirms that the personal brand favors when selecting a candidate for a job.

I advise you to read the press release of the study: Almost 6 of each 10 companies consult a person's social networks before hiring them

We start the season with a serious theme, employment, and with the influence that a good personal brand can have to achieve it.

Here's a one-minute video summary:

And here's the full version in the episode 88 from the podcast Todo Deja Marca, that you can listen to in iVoox, Apple Podcast Or Spotify.

Social media is more relevant than ever to hiring candidates

  • In Spain, is dedicated on average 1 daily hour to social networks.
  • 58% of companies consult the social networks of candidates in 2021 (vs 48% In 2019). That indicates a growing trend that may place 2022 above the 60%.
  • The use of social networks in the company has gone from 53% In 2019 To 67% In 2021, a dramatic increase.
  • The smaller the contracting company, greater weight have the social networks of the candidates.
  • A 60% of employees has a profile on social networks, with LinkedIn at the forefront.

Which social networks are consulted the most when hiring?

The networks that are consulted are often more related to the age or pattern of social media consumption of the recruiter than the candidate.

Redes más consultadas por reclutadores. Fuente: InfoJobs.
Networks most consulted by recruiters. Source: InfoJobs.

What are the social networks that young people frequent the most??

In contrast to the queries recruiters make, young people offer very different social media consumption patterns:

Redes preferidas de los más jóvenes. Fuente: Infojobs
Favorite networks of the youngest. Source: Infojobs

It is quite possible that at this time (Sept.. 2022) TikTok has overtaken the rest, since its trend is unstoppable.

Seniors need to improve clearly

Among the group of 55 To 65, half do not have any profile on social networks. In 2017 I published the article Senior, Are you afraid of the digital leap? which I recommend reviewing.

To complement it, I advise you the article by Cèlia Hil in my blog Personal Brand and Senior Talent: a good combination

Nilton Navarro is clear: Personal branding is not optional

The brand manager of Infojobs does not hesitate: "Personal branding improves visibility and credibility in job applications", although he qualifies "as long as it is managed in a professional way".

For me, the tagline of "professionally" involves three processes (we have dealt with the Personal Brand Iceberg): 

  • Diagnosis: Know what brand the candidate projects today
  • Strategic: define a goal, Purpose, understand the value proposition, write it, mark a strategy related to a business model.
  • Communicative: Draw up a communication plan with special weight in content management, platforms and networking

Digitalization brings transparency, equity, inclusion and speed of hiring

If a correct management of our personal brand provides credibility and visibility to the candidate, The Digitization provides transparency, equity, inclusion and speed of hiring.

A great combination, don't you think??

Some tips so that your personal brand of candidate does not go against you

  • Do not have profiles on many social networks, who much covers little squeezes. Opt for the networks that give you more value and, especially, those that allow you to contribute your value.
  • It's so important define your competencies as your values. Companies want good professionals, but they also want them aligned with values and a purpose.
  • Being on social networks is useless. An abandoned profile goes against you. Close or activate it.
  • Each network has its own code. For example, use LinkedIn to project your value proposition, Instagram to convey your emotional DNA, more personal.
  • Show off your communication skills, and if they are not good, hire a specialist. Today, soft skills are only as good as hard skills. I leave you an example of a girl from 21 years I know well.
  • It's not a sin to show yourself at parties and fun, But don't confuse platforms. I advise you to read the series of posts on how to boost your personal brand in Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram And TikTok
  • Have respect for beliefs you don't share. Policy, Religion, Sports, sex... are very polarizing. You either avoid it or respect it.
  • Don't be a spammer. If you ask for contact with a recruiter and send them your CV immediately, you've missed an opportunity. Attract it with valuable content.
  • Make a difference. Don't do the same as all candidates. Think also offline, in the 80% hidden offer, in moving your contact list, in creating videos explaining what the company that hires you can earn...
  • Give importance to the narrative. Write well, no errors, keep the story in mind (storytelling) as an emotional factor of communication.
  • Don't try to be someone else. Show yourself how you are, sooner or later the truth ends up being known.

You see., today your personal brand is your best CV.

Stock Photos from shaneinsweden / Shutterstock

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