Entrepreneur versus employee Who do you identify with?

In this table we propose a few reasons for you to identify what your profile is. Are you an entrepreneur or are you an employee?




1. Earn income even while you sleep. Entrepreneurs earn passive income. Only earns income during working hours. Employees earn active income, I mean, “no work there is no pay”, on a daily or monthly basis.
2. Has unlimited opportunities to have income. Has limited income and fixed and secure remuneration.
3. Gives jobs. Find a job.
4. It is responsible for your customers, the public and their employees are happy. An entrepreneur has a greater responsibility. Your income depends on those interested in your business. He is responsible for making his boss happy as his remuneration depends on him.
5.. Entrepreneurs are committed to their passion. And they invest a lot of work and patience because they believe in what they do. He does regular working hours. Employees often do routine tasks.
6. Gives yourself rest and vacation, when your company becomes stable (Flexible) Makes annual leave limited and allowed by your boss (Restricted)
7. Pay taxes on your income after deducting your expenses. An entrepreneur can claim as deductions from their taxable income the deductible expenses of their relationship with their business Pay taxes on your income. An employee cannot claim as deductions of his taxable income his transportation, Fuel, food and other employment-related expenses.
8. Take risks and take responsibility for them. Entrepreneurs are revolutionary and innovative. He stays in his comfort zone . But, can we call it a comfort zone, when boredom is the bread of every day?
9. Hire and fire employees. When an employer has an incompetent and irresponsible employee, if you've fired him does it through due process. He is hired and fired by the businessman. If the job doesn't like it it's hard to quit as it's up to it to survive.
10. Gives jobs. The entrepreneur is the owner of the company and the interviewer. Find a job. The applicant is an employee of the person for which he or she is interviewed for the job.
11. Content creator He's a reader.
12. You can own other similar businesses. Entrepreneurs can expand their businesses and share the slices of their success with others. You can't be a worker in other similar companies. Employees are restricted by a clause of the agreement, I mean, they are not allowed to share their skills, talents and education with competition.
13. They don't require education degrees to become entrepreneurs. We can see that the most successful entrepreneurs are college dropers. Some even are already millionaires. Requires higher education to get a higher position. Employees are exposed to educational discrimination.
14. Acquires a high economic power at a young age. Acquires wealth after long years of work. Except, Of course, if you're a Microsoft employee, Apple o Google.
15. Create a system you like and follow. You have to follow the system whether you like it or not
16. Get the most out of your talents and skills. And this is where the passion begins, enthusiasm and happiness. Use your talents and skills half-heartedly, unless you've found a job, Literally, Perfect!
17. You have a flexible schedule and can always cancel your schedule to give your family and your spiritual obligations time. You have no flexibility in schedule and have to ask your boss's permission to devote time to your family and your spiritual obligations.
18. He does regular physical exercise, if you program it on your schedule. You can do regular physical exercise, if your job allows you to have a proper schedule for it.
19. You can control your private life. You can't control your privacy within your workplace.
20. You can transfer your business as a legacy or inheritance to your spouse or children. You may not transfer your work as a legacy or inheritance to your spouse or children.

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14 thoughts on "Entrepreneur versus employee Who do you identify with?”

  1. I think it's great but I think you've just put the bright side for the entrepreneur and the downside for the employee, don't you think?. I don't think it's very balanced..

    • True Esther, the truth is that the post had some idea of provoking a debate of bias. No, it's not very balanced, there is some amplification of the advantages for the entrepreneur.

      As personal brand professionals, we are convinced that, sooner or later, each of us will form a micro-enterprise and be somewhat entrepreneurial.

      As we mentioned in the Monday and Tuesday posts, the concept of stable employment is changing and the arrival of the I.I., Inc. is advertised as inevitable and convenient.

      Thank you for writing.

  2. The difference is that the entrepreneur owns himself, it's not up to anyone to grow professionally, while the employee doesn't own himself depends on a hierarchical structure, which will decide how far you can grow, anyway I think the personal brand is very applicable for entrepreneurs and employees.

    • True the comment. In fact we work a personal brand for entrepreneurs alike, Employees, for employing, Managers… Obviously there are differences, but all profiles can reinforce their brand. Thank you for writing.

  3. With all due respect, it seems to me that the comparisons between entrepreneur and employee are odious. Even the greatest of entrepreneurs that humanity could give would be no one without a good team of employees to make their great revolutionary idea a reality.

    • Pedro, I don't doubt it. And I would also add that the perfect communion occurs when the entrepreneur manages to align the values of the brand he has created with those of his employees and employees.

      Thank you for writing.

  4. Completely in agreement with Esther, In fact, I would say even more as many points are pure aspirational of the entrepreneur who very few get and who present the matter as “Facts” common to all of them. For example, the point 14 (acquires high economic power at a young age) is the pinnacle because it even assumes that the entrepreneur must, Necessarily, being young, besides successful.

    Especially away from reality are the points 6 And 17. The entrepreneur usually yearns for the free time that employees have, including yours.

  5. Hello Dustin, as He told Esther the advantages for the entrepreneur are exaggerated; has been done in the spirit of generating this debate. I agree with you on the theme of 14: not all entrepreneurs are young. Without going any further I have 47 years and co-founded Soymimarca only a year ago.

    Time management is possibly an advantage for the entrepreneur, because despite spending more hours on work, structures to their free convenience.

    In any case, welcome your comments.

  6. In fact,the comments are correct and each explains a different way of looking at things, But, despite this, it is highly recommended to be an entrepreneur who employs; thank you very much for the post, Best regards…

  7. For what I'm concerned and it's my point of view maybe or may not share this with me if you're going to be an employee and it doesn't give you the freedom to be an entrepreneur, be the best employee without limitations and prejudices also with aspirations and not only to make your superior happy.

    Best regards….

  8. I thought it was excellent.. My father has a micro-enterprise of popsicles and ice cream. Now it is formed, but we have the basics it takes for there to be business, product and customers. The thing is, I'm reflected in the article. I want to be an entrepreneur and get ahead. Thanks a lot!

  9. Everything can be nice easy and rose color but you have to see the reality of things the Esprendedor has to work many more hours and dedicate whole days to be able to throw their business up and also pay taxes renting premises, pay your workers, pay your accountant, have your permission a day and invest for merchant materials pay water light etc etc.
    In the case of the worker or employee etc he simply goes to work and sacredly receives his salary a month.
    In my view I think people would rather look for a job than be esprendedor.

  10. Hello Guillem,

    Very good. In myopinion, the big difference lies in the risks. an entrepreneur works at his own risk, while for an employee the risk is less than the greater risks assumed by the employer (Owner). So it is clear that the equation, risk is directly proportional to the earnings.

    Every entrepreneur wins according to the level of risk he is willing to take on.

  11. Excellent about being an entrepreneur, but there's something the employee gets over: A FIXED SALARY! If the entrepreneur is not disciplined in his cash flow, Yearns to be a government employee. How many entrepreneurs today are applying for employment because of the lack of flow!


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