Believe it or not, an entrepreneur is also a person

Yes, The Entrepreneur has had bad press as a collective. Surely it is due to that opacity in the way he communicates (or not communicate). Fortunately, something is changing. And those beings that looked like iron now show their vulnerabilities, their emotions, his human condition.

The entrepreneur is like you..

The Entrepreneur it's like you; it's more, You, you may not know it, you're also an entrepreneur.

A company is still a task that involves some difficulty. And I ask you, don't you face a lot of those difficulties every day? don't you make complex decisions that can hurt a few to benefit a few?

And recalling Tom Peters, each of us is a Entrepreneur of your YO, Inc. We have the ability to manage many small departments that depend on us: R & d, Production, Branding, Marketing, Finance, Rh, Logistics… You're like the businessman, with the difference that you self-manage and the Entrepreneur manages for many.

Our superpowers have always been there, but now we transmit them without fear

Our Superpowers (our values) now we're proud, we're not ashamed. There was a time when showing certain values such as solidarity, empathy, intuition, imagination… was considered a sign of weakness Entrepreneur. The competitions Soft were not taken into account. What was important was what we learned, not the way we applied and transmitted.

Hence some were baptized as companies. If we remember Gordon Gekko (Wall Street, 1987), the only thing that mattered to the entrepreneur Yuppie of those years was success at any price, luxury unleashed and accumulating money. Far away was concern for real employees and partners or corporate values that went beyond hierarchical and authoritarian leadership.

Values look for values, the power of connection

The Entrepreneur, And that includes you, you start to be interested in how trust is transmitted. The strategic vision of the business is no longer enough. Executives need to reach a humanized vision. As the surgeon and writer argues Atul Gawande, “hires attitude and trains skill”. Skills can be acquired, but the attitude (whose engine is our values) come with us.

Profiles Millennial have understood this idea as no one else, prioritizing Competency securities. That allows the Entrepreneur have better integrated teams, who wear the brand's T-shirt and wear it with pride. He no longer leads, co-leads. Don't believe, co-created. And that's possible with integrated equipment, motivated and with related values.

Values and purpose matter. More than ever.

Entrepreneurs Region Murcia

In the midst of the 4th digital revolution, let's remember the futuristic's words Gerd Leonhard “…anything that cannot be digitized or automated will be considered of an extreme value”. And I assure you that values and purpose are not robotic. That's why every time, The Entrepreneur, these two factors should be taken into account.

Anything that cannot be digitized or automated will be considered of an extreme value. Gerd Leonhard.

The Purpose will help everyone who works after the same project to find a sense of the same. A place to see where they go, know why you should get out of bed in the mornings.

Values, for its part, will act as the emotional connection vectors between those involved in the project and their stakeholders, their interest groups.

This week I had the opportunity to share this mighty triangle Purpose / Values / Connecting with a group of entrepreneurs Business Forum of the Region of Murcia. Thank you humanist friend Juanma Egea for counting on me. I checked it live.: A Entrepreneur he's also a person.

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  • 28N. Update Zaragoza. 28 November in active Zaragoza. Free event. Registration coming soon on the websiteZaragoza Active. Don't miss my colleagues Victor Candel, Meme Romero, Elena Arnaiz, Eva Collado, and Juan Martinez (organizer and speaker).
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2 thoughts on "Believe it or not, an entrepreneur is also a person”

  1. I loved the Guillem article!!

    We are all concerned digitization, because we don't know how it can affect our company or our work.

    To face this change, we just have to invest in our personal brand, giving importance to personal values and corporate values in organizations. It's our great asset!!

    Thank you so much for bringing us so much value!!

    • The article is inspired by people like you, who need to self-lead, draw up a roadmap and a communication plan, mother! Thank you for being one of those who puts it into practice with total efficiency! A hug!


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