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Let me tell you something personal about my guest today. Paul Adam and I met a few weeks after it was founded. Soymimarca, in a distant 2010. There was attunement, very good tuning. He came from the world of advertising agencies. Me too. Paul had suffered some disastrous work experience. Like me.

Soymimarca had the physical office in Barcelona. Paul lived (and lives) in Valencia, and I was writing a lot about personal marketing. I was clear that the future of credibility would go through people, above corporations… what could we do??

Easy: Found Soymimarca Valencia.

We became good friends, to see us with our spouses for lunch, dine… Read, I passed corrections and prefaced his first book “Personal marketing saved my life“, a story with Alberto as the protagonist, A biopic full of courage.

The Soymimarca Valencia did not end up working as we all expected. At that time, virtual teamwork was not the same as now, and the operation advised us to leave it a while later. But the friendship continued., and even reinforced. Pablo is a rocker and poet, powerful and responsive, direct and empathetic… and very fallero. There are people you would pay to have a long informal conversation. Paul is one of them.

Here I leave you your guest-post. It's like Paul: brief, concise, Direct, valuable, Inspiring… indisputable. Magnificent summary, Friend!

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If you're short on time, I'll tell you in video:

Looking for the position

Around the links between marketing and personal brand strategy, there is a concept that for me is what ends up pivoting all the action: positioning.

Because every step must start from something; and if we go backwards there is always a beginning.

That principle is the beginning of everything., which basically is...Where am I?

Think, analyze, Reflect

First I consider the situation and analyze the environment. Every strategy must start from a necessary analysis phase, and many reflections. We'll be asking ourselves a lot of questions that I don't want to ask you here because it's a very personal thing. (at another time, Maybe). They are called powerful questions when they help me think, and they are called painful questions if I don't have the answers, or they are not the ones I would like to have.

That's then., before deciding the path and goal, when it's time to decide how I want to be perceived; my values, my references, my strengths. Is positioning, the search for the position.

The position is what you are looking for, what you earn, but it's also what others allow you, good because you deserve it and they respect you, good because there you don't bother them. We better stay with the first thing.

So, first of all, we must make it clear that we are positioned by others, those who know us or have our references. I make the attempt, they accept it... or not.

They are the recipients of our message – of our values., of our attitude-; those who place our image, represented by the perception of it, and is located in a specific space of his mental picture, full of images, concepts, Relations, ideas... like a collage.

Charting the path

You know that the key to your strategy is the adequacy of the values on which your personal reality is based. These values, fruit of the process of Awareness (you realize you need to do something) and Self (you already know each other, you know where to start from), they must respond as faithfully as possible to your principles and attitudes, consistently and authentically.

It remains for you to trace that path, That positioning strategy that is credible and solid, and to help you get key people to put you in mental space (collage) What you want and it suits you, in relation to criteria that you understand as your own, differential and competitive.

Before plotting it you must take into account some aspects:

  • Dodge threats. You already know them through the analysis of the environment and the information obtained; There they are, but you must live with them. If you are one of those who think that threats also represent opportunities, Well Best.
  • Go to places with potential; reduces risks, But don't just go easy, since there will be greater competition there, and predictably lower conditions and smaller prizes.
  • Measure benefits; calculate well what you can get before you start walking. It's all too common to chart a long way, and upon arrival, thinking it wasn't worth it.
  • Evaluates the costs of the journey, in economic terms, Temporary, Family. Measure if it will be worth what you can leave during the tour.
  • Calculate the odds of success, with a good measure of your capacity and potential, of the what you are able to learn and improve along the way.
  • Keep a positive attitude.

Have I said attitude??


Attitude is the way we behave, and has a double value. On the one hand, for ourselves, because we must be clear that we do the right thing, that we do our best to achieve the goal, in a coherent and honest way (at least, that's how it should be). 

If we agree a little is to define the attitude as "a state of mind that expresses itself in a certain way", you will be with me in that this mood focuses on predisposition, and that it can have different forms according to the character of each person.

The layout, both in front of people, situations or things, involves rational and emotional aspects, that translate into action. To this we should add that the disposition or attitude is also influenced by unconscious elements.. But that's another story..

So that action, that way of undertaking the path, leaves a record in ourselves and in our environment. Reinforces the reliability of the proposal at both levels, of our positioning strategy, and multiplies the probability of taking us up to the goal.

The goal

We must be very clear about thinking that the objective (or goal) of our personal strategy, quite possibly seeks the path to success, acceptance, the knowledge and the best possible assessment. Or surely, some other similar.

So that, get your personal project and the final result of the positioning to match to the maximum, or as close as possible, is a fundamental issue to increase our chances of success.

But remember that adopting a predictable strategy can be vulgar and fruitless. It will go unnoticed.

Strive to specialize, In find the difference; you must have an open mind and propose the strategy from a creative vision

The solidity of your arguments will give consistency and credibility to your brand image, which will lead you to the success of the positioning plan; and creativity will emphasize your difference and notoriety.

So, you must provide your brand with intangibles, of emotional values; impregnate it with realism and authenticity, of meaning

Does it seem easy?? That we would like... right??

#Collaborating WithGuillem

Thank you Guillem for this opportunity to have a space on your blog, we want to see you at 100% As soon as possible. A pleasure, as always.

Magnificent summary Vladimir for taking this witness that we would all appreciate you doing for us. It says a lot about you, and Guillem, Of course!

Hugs, readership.

And here you have it in podcast version with the chapter 68 of Everything Leaves a Mark, In iVoox, Apple Podcast And Spotify

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2 thoughts on "Find your site, by @PabloAdanMico”

  1. Hello Guillem!

    How long without commenting here your extraordinary posts and in this although collaborative with and by Pablo Adán that I loved and reminded me of a module of the master's degree I did in retail marketing, specifically to brand branding which is how Pablo has written in this intervention how important to be clear about our positioning in the market and the values that sustain our brand! !

    Guillem: a lot of strength for your recovery ! The octopus and the star I have prepared you in Galicia.
    Pablo: but how clear you have it and how good you have told us! Desire to meet you and chat



    • Hello Mirka! I totally agree, Pablo shoots with a telescopic sight and gets it right.
      You don't know how much I dream about that octopus, I hope that in a few months I will be able to travel!
      A hug!


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