Is it positive to report bad brand practices in RRSS?

Canal's latest online reputation case + isn't the only one of its kind, but it is one of the most sounded given the influence of the complainant.

cube-canal-plusI read the excellent blog post smreputationmetrics Entitled “When a complaint becomes a crisis. Risto Mejide, a low in Canal Plus, #unHDMIy2Euroconectors, 35 euros and Twitter”. I won't repeat the content because it's really brilliant, but I summarize it in three lines and give my opinion on it:


Unsubscribe from Canal + it's just as complex and fucking as unsubscribe from a mobile operator or tax advisor. It's all trouble. I attest, I've unsubscribed from the Plus, Vodafone and a tax adviser, and it's a bad experience, long and expensive.


A person unsubscribes from Canal + and shares the experience via Twitter with two seemingly harmless tweets:

  1. Unsubscribe from Canal+ is to see how filthy a struggling company can be: they claim me an HDMI cable and 2 Euroconnectors.
  2. The best thing is Channel+'s appraisal of : 35Us $!!! hahaha

In the second tweet its author creates a hashtag with the intention of generating a certain “Conversation” around the subject

Who (that changes everything)

If those two tweets had been thrown by any mortal, things wouldn't have happened from a few giggles and complaints about the net and little else. But here the key is the author of the tweets, Risto Mejide, with about 1.500.000 Twitter followers. She's already in a mess., thing promises maximum virality.

The result

As it couldn't be otherwise, becomes Trending Topic in a short time, and CMs (community managers) they didn't have a quick and effective response to a case like this, that spread like gunpowder: 3.900 mentions within hours after the first tweet.

An analysis of this reputational crisis

1. Yes

I think social media and blogs are great means for someone to report brand abuse. Before we had to hire a lawyer, now we just have to detail the case and make sure it reaches its recipient correctly. I myself have denounced in this blog Vodafone (unsuccessful) To Banc Sabadell (successfully and an excellent response), To Loewe, and some other brands.

2. No

I believe that before denouncing we must assess the importance of each issue. It's not abnormal that Canal + ask you to return some devices you haven't paid for, even if I do 15 years you're paid for. I don't see a strong reason to tweet. It would be different if Canal + would have left you offline in a Barca-Madrid bought at gold price the day before (thing that happened to me repeatedly). But a return settlement is not, in my opinion, News. Unless, of course it's, let Risto say it, o Jordi Avole or an influencer with an army of huge followers (I'm a follower too).

Bad practices

I see here a matter of personal responsibility that goes beyond action “Trouble” as Mejide himself would say. A seemingly humorous performance has been able to have terrible consequences for Canal +, when all they've done is claim what they claim from everyone, it's not a case of bad practice. Let's see! Does an influencer have to get it all out for free? Should brands remove the fine print from contracts for celebrities?. No, I can't agree with this.

A influencer you have to be very aware of the damage you can do to a brand by sending a message as superficial as this reputation case. I know I don't defend Canal Plus, I sent them to shit myself. (in media silence a few years ago), I'm just saying you have to cool down a little bit before you tweet a million and a half people. Probably you, you're read to now, channel + I wouldn't have forgiven you the 35th. To the, who can afford them, Yes.


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4 thoughts on "Is it positive to report bad brand practices in RRSS?”

  1. This reflection makes me think that having certain customers can lead you to a complicated situation.

    I'm not saying that's the case this particular, but it could become a Trojan Horse? I mean, an intentional and backgrounded tweet. To me no longer surprise me anything.

    This reflection makes me think that you have some customers may end up leading to a complicated situation.

    Don't tell me to follow the cas aquest concret, pero could become a Cavall de Troia? It's to dir, un twit intentionat i amb rerafons. I no longer wonder.

  2. It's to think about it., Pau. Lately we're seeing how many influencers discreetly recommend specific brands. It's a case of legal publicity, they charge for that, money or spices.

    Thinking wrong, they could also charge - or take certain advantages- because of the fact that “Charge” to specific brands, based on an experience, whistleblower or - as in the case of this post- don't be denounable.

    I'll always think we're all innocent until proven otherwise., but if someone should avoid certain heats he's an opinion leader, especially if they negatively affect the image of a brand that has done the right thing.

    Thank you for writing!


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